BIGS Zesty Ranch Sunflower Seeds - 140 g

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BIGS Zesty Ranch Sunflower Seed is Rich in Flavor!

If you love sunflower seeds, you gotta try the BIGS Zesty Ranch Sunflower Seeds! The unbelievable flavor will be a standout when you start chewing on these yummy seeds. Besides the salty sunflower seeds, the Hidden Valley ranch flavor will make this sunflower extra savory and tasty! These sunflower seeds are fire-roasted, non-GMO snacks that will have you reaching for more after the first bite, and before you know it, you’ll be done with the entire bag! 

Perfect for sharing, or having on the sidelines of a sporting event, you can pretty much snack on these seeds at any given moment of the day. Try them out for yourself, and see how delicious they really are! 

  • Kosher
140 g 

Made in the USA