BIGS Taco Supreme Sunflower Seeds - 152 g

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Savor the Flavor of Taco Sunflower Seeds

Naturally, you wouldn’t think the combination of sunflower seeds & tacos would work, but BIGS Taco Supreme Sunflower Seeds makes it work really well! The authentic taste of the salty sunflower seed is complimented very well with the savory flavor of the taco. We cannot stress enough how tasty this combo is! Taco sunflower seeds are a super unexpected pairing but will get you hooked in an instant. 

Regardless of the occasion, BIGS Sunflower Seeds are a must-try snack when your cravings start to kick in! It is a truly delicious treat that satisfies all your senses and makes it easy for you to enjoy a simple snack.

5.36oz (152g)

Made in the USA