Bigs Sunflower Seeds Takis - 5.35oz

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BIGS Brings The Heat!

As if BIGS sunflower seeds don’t already have wildly tasty flavors, they came out with BIGS Sunflower Seeds Takis! Yes, you read that correctly, TAKIS! The two brands have combined forces and created the ultimate sunflower seed with a major bold flavor!!! The spicy Takis flavor is very present in each sunflower seed. You get that original salty flavor that BIGS is known for, but then get hit with that insanely powerful spice blend.

These Takis sunflower seeds are easily shareable and are a great way to bond with your friends. We know the second you offer a bite of these tasty little gems, they’ll be gone in a flash! Be careful not to leave this bag unattended because we can’t be too certain they’ll stay there. 

5.35oz (152g)

Made in the USA