Big's Sunflower Seeds Spicy Dill Pickle - 5.35oz

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These Sunflower Seeds have gigantic flavors!

Don't let yourself get in a pickle when you're hungry! The Big's Sunflower Seeds Spicy Dill Pickle is exactly what you need!

These sunflower seeds are filled with that dill pickle savoury flavor you crave. As you open up these seeds, the scent of zesty dill and a bold and spicy scent will have your taste buds reeling. Delivering to you the perfect snack!
As you crunch your way through these sensational sunflower seeds, your lips will be smacking in delight! 
With every bite, that spicy dill pickle flavour will burst in your mouth and offer a lingering taste of spicy tanginess!
Big's Sunflower Seeds are proudly grown in the USA. Each and every batch is seasoned to perfection. As batches of fresh seeds are roasted to achieve the most perfect and flavorful snack.
At Big's, they don't do small either because they know size matters; every sunflower seed is BIG!
Be bold and big with the gigantic taste of Big's Sunflower Seeds Spicy Dill Pickle!