Bigs Chile Limon Sunflower Seeds - 152 g

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We Got That Zest for Life!

Add some (extra) flavor to your day! BIGS sunflower seeds are already loaded with flavor but the BIGS Chile Limon Sunflower Seeds gives you a zest for life! The chile limon sunflower seeds not only have the sour limon flavor, but it also has a nice kick to get you started with your day. We suggest having these seeds when you need an extra boost of energy because the symphony of flavors will definitely help out with that! 

BIGS sunflower seeds are easy to carry and have on the go, so you can pretty much have these at any point of the day. Whether you're in the sharing mood or not, these will always be a hit among your friends and family. We suggest stocking up on these bad boys because they’re so tasty you’ll get lost in every bite and ultimately realize you finished the bag. 

5.36oz (152g)

Made in the USA