Bazooka Throwback Original Bubble Gum - 6 pieces

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Bazooka Bubble Gum is back!

Call it a comeback! The Bazooka Throwback Original Bubble Gum is just like you remember.

As you unwrap your Bazooka Gum you'll be hit with its original and compelling scent and of course, you'll remember all those bubbles.
It's pink, luscious and juicy and still holds the hope of the very biggest of bubbles. The best part of its delicios return is that cool-looking retro packaging. Sure to conjure up those sweet memories and your tastebuds!
Bazooka Bubble Gum oozed its way into the world of candy in the 1940s. Famous for its long-lasting flavor and its iconic red white and blue packaging. This classic bubble gum has remained a highly chewed favorite among generations. Imagine the places that this bubble gum has been?
It's been placed on the end of noses for chewing in class. Stuck under desks, stepped on in parking lots and sidewalks, and happily found in the pockets of your old forgotten jackets and in the bottom of old purses.
Taste the nostalgia of this blast from the past, with the Bazooka Throwback original Bubble Gum!
6 Pieces