Bazooka Original Throwback Bubble Gum Theater Pack - 4oz

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The Bazooka Bubble Gum you remember!

Some things never change, like the iconic taste of Bazooka Bubble Gum! 

Taste the memories and its sweet deliciousness all over again, with the Bazooka Original Throwback Bubble Gum in Movie Theater Candy size pack!
As you unwrap each piece of this bubble gum the scent alone will have you reminiscing all about the good old days. 
Coming in the original red, white and blue packaging and that same pink and juicy flavour.
The best part about this comeback? This Bazooka Throwback will have you reeling as you find the wrapper has all those funny Bazooka Joe comics inside! 
That means if you bring this bubblegum to the movies and the movies a real dud, at least you'll be entertained as you sit back, chew your Bazooka gum and break out into a big belly laugh!
Bazooka Gum stole our taste buds and our hearts, in the 1940s. Made with such incredible and juicy flavour along with those comics, it was always the quintessential bubble gum to have. 
Unwrap those sweet memories, and float away into that old-time bubbly bliss with the Bazooka Original Throwback Bubble Gum Theater Pack!