Barton's Million Dollar Milk Chocolate Bar - 2oz.

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This Chocolate Bar tastes like a million bucks!

Money talks and this chocolate bar really does the walk! Barton's Million Dollar Milk Chocolate Bar is a sophisticated bar that will make you feel like you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth!

Comes wrapped in a million-dollar bill and is filled with that melt-in-your-mouth rich taste of milk chocolate. It's decadent and delicious, and we assure you, it won't break the bank!
This American chocolate bar makes an enticing treat for any time. Your family and friends will do a double take when they lay their eyes on this chocolate bar! 
Need a funny gift? Even if your flat broke, this chocolate bar would make a sweet addition to a birthday card or other gift.
Eat like you're a blue blood with the extravagant taste of Barton's Million Dollar Milk Chocolate Bar!