Barnetts Mega Sour Lemon

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Crazy Classic Sour Candies!!

Hold onto your hats because you’re going to be in for a wild ride with Barnetts Mega Sour Lemon candy! Introduced in the 1890s, they weren’t joking when they named it “mega sour” because you’ll be frantically looking for a glass of water nearby after you pop one of these sour candies in your mouth. This lemon flavored sour candy adds an extra layer of zest and bitterness to the Barnetts candy that sour candy lovers cannot get enough of! If you LOVE sour candies and want to see how much you can tolerate, then this family-run British candy is definitely for you. Otherwise we suggest sticking to the mildly sour treats that tickle your taste buds… not assault them. 

  • Gluten free

6.6lbs (3kg)

Made in the UK