Barbie Dream Candy Fun Box

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American Barbie Candy

You don’t need to use your imagination for this Barbie Fun Box!

With the Barbie Dream Fun Box you can relive your childhood Barbie fantasies and indulge in all things pink & Barbie! Our Candyologists have curated the perfect Barbie Fun Box ahead of the highly anticipated film for you to enjoy with your Barbie besties!! This Fun Box is the perfect addition to any pink/Barbie themed parties, or even as a gift for the Barbie fanatics in your life.

For a one time purchase you can hang with Barbie, and enjoy the yummiest pink candies Barbie’s universe has to offer! The Fun Box contains several deliciously sweet and nostalgic treats including Sour Power Cotton Candy Straws, Barbie Sweet Beads Bracelet Kit, Barbie Stamp with Candy, Cow Tales Strawberry Smoothie and so many more tasty treats!!!

*Individual items pictured in every Fun Box product image are subject to change based on their availability and without warning, at the discretion of our Candyologists.*