Barbie Cupcake Deco Kit - 30g

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Make The Ultimate Barbie Birthday Cake

Create a world of delicious glamour with the Barbie Cupcake Deco Kit! Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to Barbie-themed cupcakes or a show-stopping Barbie Birthday Cake, this kit is every dessert decorator's dream.

Unleash your creativity with the vibrant assortment of edible decorations, from sparkling sprinkles to miniature Barbie accessories. You'll get unicorn sprinkles, 12 edible Barbie wafers, and 12 cupcake cups! 

Transform ordinary cupcakes into a masterpiece fit for a princess. Elevate your cupcake game and let the Barbie magic shine on your dessert table with this delightful Cupcake Decorating Kit.

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1.05oz (30g)