Bar None Chocolate Bar - 1.48oz

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An Iconic Chocolate Bar!

There really are no exceptions to this chocolate bar! The Bar None Chocolate. It's rich, delicious and altogether decadent.

Introduced to us chocolate connoisseurs in 1986, then it disappeared for a while until you hungry chocolate lovers united and demanded its return. Now, that's some sweet victory!
It's a comeback story, and we mean, you'll definitely be coming back for more after the very first bite.
Made with an irresistible tasting middle of crispy chocolate wafers. Smooth chocolate creme, crunchy peanuts and wrapped in a luxurious coating of premium milk chocolate.
Filled with unbelievable textures and exquisite taste. This could quickly replace your current favorite chocolate bar!
Be indulged with the unbelievable, incredible, decadent taste of the Bar None Chocolate!