Baby Ruth Candy Bar - 1.9 oz.

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A home run with a Baby Ruth Candy Bar!

Have an old-fashioned taste of pure deliciousness with the Baby Ruth Candy Bar. This old-fashioned chocolate bar is fully loaded with texture, taste and irresistible satisfaction.

You'll love to wrap your lips around this candy bar! You'll first be sweetly introduced to its enticing middle of chocolate-flavoured and very fluffy nougat. A luscious ribbon of golden caramel and a big crunchy taste of peanuts along with a rich, chocolatey finish.
Each bite releases its incredible texture and indulgent flavors giving you the ultimate in sweet satisfaction!
The Baby Ruth Candy Bar had us eagerly indulging as early as 1926! Upon its release,  fans were convinced that this chocolate bar was named after the famed baseball player Babe Ruth. In actuality, this candy bar was named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth. But before her name graced this chocolate treat, the very first name of this bar was Kandy Kake. 
Stir up some sweet memories with the Baby Ruth Candy Bar!