Andy Capps Hot Onion Rings - 2oz

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Taste the oven-baked crunch!

This is fact and no cap! Andy Capp's Hot Onion Rings will have your tastebuds in a tizzy!

These onion rings are filled with a firey heat. They're oven baked, so that means they're ultra-crunchy. They're so crunchy. In fact, you'll feel it in your bones! 
Made with a blend of savoury seasonings and an, of course that onion taste, along with a big dash of heat!
Based on the comic strip character, Andy Capp. We've been crunching these famous Onion Rings since 1971! 
Don't be left behind! Be the ultimate hottie and experience the bold and intense flavors with  Andy Capp's Hot Onion Rings!