Andy Capp's Fire Fries - 3oz

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A  crunchy snack from Andy Capp!

Keep that fire in your belly with Andy Capp's Fire Fries! A crunchy and bold-tasting snack that will certainly make your taste buds sizzle!

Made with a crunchy texture, these oven-baked fries start off with a bold hit of fiery heat. 
You'll hungrily crunch your way through an infusion of a smoky chilli flavor, just to even things out!
Every crunchy bite is filled with a sultry smokiness with a burst of bold heat. This spicy snack will certainly put that pep in your step!
These Fire Fries are made with a combination of corn and potato. This snack is oven-baked, delivering an incredible crunchy texture in every last bite!
This delicious treat is based on the 1971 comic strip character Andy Capps. This enticing, peppery snack will certainly interject some spiciness back into your snack life!
Get hot and bothered with Andy Capp's Fire Fries!