Andy Capp's BBQ Fries - 3oz.

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Taste the oven-baked crunch!

It's crunch time! Add some excitement to your snack life with Andy Capp's BBQ Fries.

These crunchy BBQ-flavored Fries will have you smacking your lips with some salty satisfaction. Oven-baked, this savoury indulgence is made with the most incredible crunch. Seasoned to perfection with those smokey BBQ flavours and savoury deliciousness. No ketchup required, and no buns!
Just rip open the bag, crack open a cool one and crunch the night away.
Introduced to the very hungriest among us in 1971. These snacks are based on the famous comic strip character Andy Capp. and have been giving us enticing, savoury flavours and that iconic crunch for decades!
Fire up the grill and wake up your tastebuds with Andy Capp's BBQ Fries!