Allan Sour Cherry Slices Bulk Candy - 2.5kg

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Sour Candies for your candy buffet

Make life a bowl of cherries with the tongue-tingling thrill of Allan Sour Cherry Slices Bulk Candy.

This sour candy is filled with an immensely chewy texture. Along with the tangy and juicy taste of cherries. This enticing Canadian Candy is always fresh and just waiting to deliciously burst into your mouth!
Coated with a sweet and sour finish, enhancing the texture and taste. These cherry slice-shaped sour candies really will be the cherry on top of your day!
Want to share in that sour candy sting of these gummies? Spread the joy with your family and friends! This bulk candy is great for your next party. Use them in a candy buffet or in dishes placed on your dessert table. You'll make a sweet impression, well sour, with this candy!
Take a bite at the cherry with the Allan Sour Cherry Slices Bulk Candy!