AirHeads Xtremes Bites Rainbow Berry - 6oz

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Airheads Candy goes Extreme!

Never bite off more than you can chew, except when it comes to Airheads Candy!

The Airheads Xtremes Bites Rainbow Berry Candy is the epitome of deliciousness. 
These mini-sized Rainbow belts come complete with vivid and colourful stripes. Made with all the "berry" yummy flavours you could imagine, like Strawberry, Blueberry and Rasberry. All infused with a sour candy sting.
These Airheads take the taste to the max! Made with a soft and chewy texture and finished with a coating of flavourful sugar. Sweet and sour in taste, you can't afford to miss this Airheads Candy!
Ride the Rainbow of satisfaction with the Airheads Xtremes Bites Rainbow Berry Candy!
  • American Candy made by Perfetti Van Melle
  • Airheads are a Retro Candy from the 1980s
6 oz.