AirHeads Candy - Paradise Blends Bites - 2oz

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Paradise from Airheads Candy 

Make your way to candy paradise with the Airheads Paradise Blends Bites.

Delight yourself and your tastebuds with every last bite.
Discover a world of tropical flavor with the remarkable and fresh tastes of Cherry Pineapple Blast, Raspberry Lemonade, Citrus Rush and Blue Hawaiin.
This Airheads Candy offers colorful, candy-coated bits of deliciousness with a tender and chewy middle. 
These Airheads are fantastically filled with an abundance of deep and refreshing flavor along with mouthwatering textures. 
Take a bite out of satisfaction with the Airheads Paradise Blends Bites!
  • American Candy made by Perfetti Van Melle
  • Airheads are a Retro Candy from the 1980s