After Eight - 40g

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Be cool with an After Eight.

Experience an exquisite taste of the classic Canadian Chocolate Bar with the refreshing taste of After Eight.

Famously known as a Canadian after-dinner mint, now in a chocolate bar form. 
Sink your teeth into a tango of rich-tasting dark chocolate and a minty middle of a peppermint fondant.
Of all the Canadian Chocolate Bars, After Eight is a revitalizing-tasting chocolate bar. Made with elegance and a smooth flavor profile with a tender cooling middle. 
Theres no bells and whistles needed for this Canadian chocolate. It simply speaks for itself. Offering the classic duo of chocolate and mint.
Taste a true classic with the sophisticated taste of After Eight.
  • Canadian Chocolate Bars
  • Made by Nestle Canada
  • Candy from the 60s