Aero Gold Chocolate Bar - 42 g

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Taste the Silky Gold Flavor! 

If you consider yourself a chocolate connoisseur and haven’t had the Aero Gold Chocolate Bar yet, you need to add it to your list of must-tries immediately! This Canadian chocolate bar is filled with a silky caramelized white chocolate center, littered with light and airy bubbles that you’ll feel bursting  in your mouth as the chocolate melts on your tongue. The bubbly middle is coated in a heavenly milk chocolate that makes every bite of this wonderful chocolate bar worth the calories! 

There's no way anyone can resist this sensational chocolate bar, so we suggest grabbing a few bars and sharing with your family if absolutely necessary — otherwise they’ll be gone in a blink of an eye! We’ve warned you! 

  • Made with natural colors 
  • No artificial flavors

1.5oz (42g) 

Made in Canada