Abba Zaba - 2 oz

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"Abba Zaba, you my only friend"

Have a taste of the roaring 1920s with the distinctive taste of Abba Zaba.

The Abba Zaba Candy Bar is a luscious-tasting bar of vanilla-flavoured taffy. It is abundantly filled with a creamy and rich-tasting peanut butter filling.
This dually delicious bar of taffy comes together with all the makings of a good old-fashioned candy bar.
Each bite has the ideal taffy pull, and the sweet vanilla taste is further enhanced by that ever so slightly salted peanut butter. Enjoy it as it is, or try putting it in the freezer and letting it chill before cracking it up into bite-sized pieces.
The Abba Zabba Candy bar, we're sure, once lined the pockets of hungry gangsters and those sassy flappers. Introduced to the world of candy in 1922, Abba Zaba stands apart from the usual-tasting candy bar.
Abba Zaba has also had its 15 minutes of fame when Dave Chapelle, in the movie Half Baked, remarked, "Abba Zaba, you my only friend".
We say, find a new friend in the deliciousness of Abba Zaba!