Why Does Easter Chocolate Taste Different?

Why Does Easter Chocolate Taste Different?

Happy Easter 2024! Do you want to learn about Easter chocolate?

It’s sweet, rich, creamy…and tastes slightly different from normal chocolate. As you chow down on Easter candy, you may notice the chocolate tastes extra delicious. 

No, you aren’t crazy! There is a scientific explanation for why Easter chocolate tastes different than regular chocolate. 

cadbury mini eggs-mini eggs-chocolate egg

Let's choco-bout shape!

Vision plays a critical role in the way we experience food and perceive taste. Obviously, we don’t eat things that look old, mouldy, or otherwise bad. But did you know that it goes even further than that? 

When our eyes see food, they tell our brains information about how the food will feel and taste. This ends up playing a big role in how our taste buds respond to the food! 

A 2021 study found that our brains perceive round chocolate shapes as being creamier! So that means when you are eating mini eggs and chocolate Easter eggs, your mouth is actually perceiving them as creamier because of your eyes. 

easter chocolate-chocolate eggs

That’s not the only reason your chocolate Easter candy tastes different. 

The taste difference doesn’t just end with your perception. Lots of Easter chocolate really does taste different - or should we say smells different? 

Easter chocolate is often thinner and smaller than standard chocolate bars and treats. Think of Easter bunny chocolate, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and all of the other themed treats. These are often tiny or made with a thin layer of chocolate. 

The thinner a layer of chocolate is, the quicker it will melt. When chocolate melts quickly, it is much easier to smell. Smell, like sight, plays a huge role in the way we perceive taste! 

The aroma of chocolate is super appealing, so as it melts faster and we smell it, our brains get super excited to eat it! 


People just love chocolate!

Another reason Easter chocolate is so beloved is that people love chocolate! Cocoa has been grown and consumed in the Americas for thousands of years. In modern times, it has become a staple food in countries across the globe. 

Chocolate is full of unique psychoactive chemicals that make us feel good. 

Anandamide is a brain chemical that is released when we do fun and relaxing activities, it also just so happens to be in chocolate. It’s sometimes referred to as the “bliss molecule”. 

The combination of sugar and fat is one of our brain’s favorite things. It lights up the pleasure sensors and makes us experience feelings of joy. 

Chocolate is also a stimulant. Much like caffeine, it can help make us energized, focused, and happier! 


There are plenty of reasons why Easter chocolate tastes different and is so good! 

Easter chocolate is a beloved part of the season, and there are plenty of reasons why we all love it so much! Whether it’s because of shape, texture, taste, or just the inherent deliciousness of chocolate, it’s impossible not to love. 


Want to put Easter chocolate theories to the test? 

chocolate egg-easter chocolate

Peekaboo Chick

If you want to put the theory that Easter chocolate's smooth, rounded shape is the reason for its delicious taste and popularity, then we suggest trying the Peekaboo Chick chocolate Easter egg.

 Its smooth, rounded surface will surely hit all the visual marks. Plus, there is always a delicious marshmallow chick inside. 

chocolate bunny easter

Rice Krispies Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny

Is Easter chocolate so delicious because the thinness makes it melty and aromatic? The Rice Krispies Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny will help you test the theory.

It’s a delicious chocolate bunny filled with a yummy rice crispy treat! The thin outside coating is sure to release all of the rich scents we associate with delicious milk chocolate. 

chocolate eggs-mini eggs

Hershey's Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Eggs

Hey, maybe we just love chocolate! And that is okay. If you want to celebrate simple chocolate delights with an Easter candy twist, then the Hershey's Candy Coated Milk Chocolate Eggs are a must-have. 

The classic Hershey’s chocolate is surrounded by a light and crisp candy coating. Sit back, relax, and enjoy chocolate!

Easter 2024 is all about chocolate

Do you think Easter chocolate tastes different from regular chocolate? Do you like the way Easter chocolate tastes, or do you prefer the classic chocolate bar? 

Whether it's the unique shapes, the aromatic thinness, or simply the love for chocolate, Easter chocolate continues to captivate our taste buds and hearts. 

We have all the Easter candy right here!

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