Top 30 Iconic Candies of All Time

Top 30 Iconic Candies of All Time

Candy we have loved for generations!

Life is sweet! Especially when the most delicious candy is right at your fingertips!

Candy is a universal indulgence that gives us moments of pure delight and some sugar-coated happiness!

Our Top 30 Iconic Candies will take you back in time or perhaps inspire you to try some never before tried new candy.

Embark on this sweet journey as we tantalize your tastebuds and take you on a delectable tasting voyage of candy! 

Here are our Top 30 Iconic Candies...

#1. Hershey's Kisses

hersheys, hersheys chocolate, hersheys milk chocolate kisses hersheys milk chocolate


1900s Candy

Indulge yourself with the sweetest kiss you've ever experienced with the iconic taste of Hershey's Kisses. This is one kiss that will really make you weak in the knees!

Arriving in our very eager and hungry hands in 1907, Hershey's Kisses are an old-fashioned candy we won't soon forget.

Made with the incredible taste of Hershey's Milk Chocolate and wrapped in that famous and shiny foil. Just unwrap to experience love at first bite with the creamy and delectable taste of the legendary Hershey's Kisses.

#2. Haribo Gummy Bears

haribo, haribo goldbears, haribo gummies, haribo gummy

1920s Candy

The makers of the world's very first gummy bears! There is no other gummy candy that stands a chance against the Haribo Gummy Bears!

These legendary bears made their sweet debut in Germany in 1920, and in 1922 the rest of the world would fall in love with these adorable gummy bears.

Made with the most remarkable soft and chewy texture and is filled with incredible tasting fruit-filled flavors. This Haribo candy takes the cake when it comes to gummy candy!

#3. Nerds Candy

nerds, nerds candy, nerds clusters candy

1980s Candy

For the quintessential tangy and crunchy thrill, nothing compares to the legendary taste of Nerds Candy! Happily brought to us by our pal, the one and only Willy Wonka!

This Wonka-esque Candy has been devoured by the handful and mouthful since 1983. Comes in a two-chambered box and is ready to dole out the deliciousness. Enjoy one flavor at a time or combine the two for a personalized taste!

These tiny and crunchy candies are available in a multitude of exceptional-tasting fruity flavors. This nostalgic candy is just waiting for you to crunch through their epic deliciousness!

Take your tastebuds to the whimsical world of Wonka with the iconic Nerds Candy!

#4. Tootsie Roll

tootsie roll, tootsie roll candy, tootsie rolls

1890s Candy

Get on a delicious candy-eating roll! With the legendary old-fashioned candy, Tootsie Roll!

These delectable, very old-fashioned candies made their memorable debut in 1896. Made by Mr. Leo Hirschfield and named after his young daughter, which he affectionately referred to as Tootsie.

The Tootsie Roll Candy is a soft and chewy chocolatey experience. Sort of like a cross between chocolate and caramel.

Offering a tender and delectable taste that is second to none. There is no match for the famous Tootsei Rolls!

#5. Blow Pops

blow pops, blow pops candy

1970s Candy

A lollipop that's a double whammy! Charms Blow Pops not only offers a luscious-tasting lollipop but tucked inside is a juicy taste of bubble gum.

Charms Blow Pops have been held in the eager hands of many since 1973. This retro candy has been a number-one choice in lollipops for generations.

From the tangy taste of Blow Pops Blue Razz to the classic Blow Pops Cherry, these yummy lollipops have been "charming" our tastebuds for over 50 years!

#6. Warheads

warheads, warheads candy, warheads sour candy, sour candy, warheads sour

1990s Candy

We know you're usually sweet, but some days you require that jolt of sour to really come alive! For the most impressive sour candy, nothing compares to the Warheads Candy.

If you've ever eaten Warheads, then you know that the sour shrill from this hard candy really is like an explosion in your head.

The concept of this mindblowing sour candy first arrived in Asia in 1975 before surprising the rest of its unsuspecting victims in 1993.

The most popular Warheads Candy is a hard candy that comes in a

wrapper depicting an exploding head on the front. This is not far from the truth!

Also available is a chewy version in the Ooze Chewz Ropes, or a liquid version can be found in the Warheads Super Sour Double Drops!

When you want your hair to stand on end and your entire body to quiver, the only option is found in the powerful taste of Warheads Candy! 

#7. Skittles

skittles, skittles candy, rainbow candy, fruity candy, fruit candy

1970s Candy

When you want to show off your dazzling personality, Skittles Candy is the candy you require.

Bright and colorful, these candies are sweet gems of exquisite fruit-filled flavors.

Introduced in 1977, this retro candy is a one-way taste to pure happiness! From the classic original Skittles Candy to the Sour Skittles, there is also a chewy version to be found in the Skittles Gummies. Need a fluffy taste of Skittles? Find it in the incredible taste of Skittles Cotton Candy.

Discover a world of fun and flavor with Skittles!

#8. Starburst

starburst, starburst candy, starburst candies

1970s Candy

Experience a rainbow of unexplainable juiciness with Starburst Candy!

These chewy morsels of extreme and fruity tastes have been delivering out-of-this-world deliciousness since 1979.

Simply unwrap the Starburst Candy, and your tastebuds will soar! You'll be sweetly taken on a mouthwatering and magical candy journey.

This retro candy boasts a tender and chewy texture. With every bite, the fruity flavors come alive, and so will your tastebuds!

From the original Starburst Candy to Starburst gummy candy, cotton candy and even freeze-dried candy. The possibilities are endless, and so is our love for the legendary Starburst Candy!

#9. Swedish Fish Candy

 swedish fish candy, swedish fish, swedish fish gummies

1970s Candy

In a sea of candy, this is one fish we will forever love! These iconic red fish are a staple for every candy connoisseur.

Open wide and let the Swedish Fish Candy swim right in. Soft and chewy and filled with a one-of-a-kind fruity deliciousness.

Making waves in the world of candy since 1979, Swedish Fish will capture your tastebuds, hook, line and sinker!

We know there is plenty of fish in the sea, but now are as enticingly sweet and flavorful as Swedish Fish Candy!

#10. Butterfinger Candy Bar

 butterfinger bar, butterfinger, butterfingers, butterfinger candy bar

1920s Candy

You'll never want this chocolate bar to slip out of your hands! Keep the exemplary taste of Butterfinger Candy Bar tight in your grip.

Making its grand entrance in 1923, this candy bar had been delighting us for decades with its chocolate covered peanut butter magic.

An enticing chocolate bar of a peanut butter middle that offers a crisp and crunchy texture encased in a layer of rich milk chocolate.

Hold on tight to the exquisite taste of the famous Butterfinger Candy Bar!

#11. Sour Patch Kids Candy

sour patch kids, sour patch kids candy, sour candy sour gummies, sour gummy

1980s Candy

Feed your inner child with the flavorful fun of the Sour Patch Kids Candy! This dually flavored candy starts off on a sour candy note before transforming into a sweet treat.

It's all fun and games with the Sour Patch Kids. In every bite, you get two sensations of flavor.

The Sour Patch Kids has taken us on its delicious candy ride since 1985.

Available in a variety of lip-smacking flavors, these candy kids are not only cute but will pull you in with many flavorful shenanigans.

From the original fruity-tasting Sour Patch Kids Candy to the Sour Patch Kids Watermelon, Strawberry and even Grape flavors. They even make an appearance in Trident Gum, lollipops and candy canes!

You never have to grow up with the Sour Patch Kids!

#12. Airheads

air heads, airheads, airheads candy, strawberry airheads, strawberry airheads candy, air heads candy

1980s Candy

None of us want to be known as Airheads. We just want to eat them. So, in this case, you are NOT what you eat!

Airheads Candy is a stretchy and chewy taffy candy. These thin bars of taffy offer a world of intense taste in just one bite.

Loved and happily devoured since 1985, Airheads is a staple in the world of candy.

But why you ask, are they called Airheads? Well, one night, the director of marketing for Perfetti Van Melle asked his three sons what they call their friends when they do something dumb. One son piped up and exclaimed, "We call them Airheads". Thus, the classic taffy candy was born and given its memorable and lighthearted name.

Available in countless flavors and different varieties, the world of Airheads is vast, and so is our hunger for the beloved Airheads!

#13. Jolly Rancher Candy

 jolly rancher, jolly rancher candy, jolly rancher hard candy, blue candy

1940s Candy

This hard candy has the ability to make everything jolly! Make the day happy and bright with Jolly Rancher Candy!

Introduced to the world by Bill and Dorthy Harmsen in 1949. Originally these two sold ice cream before giving us the hard candy we know and love today.

In the early days of this old-fashioned candy, there only existed the limited flavors of Apple, Grape, Blue Rasberry, Cherry and Watermelon before expanding into countless other varieties.

Now you can sink your teeth into the chewy version of Jolly Rancher with a line of impressive gummy candy, including sour candy flavors.

These individually wrapped Jolly Rancher candies continues to impress us with that flavorful and classic jolly candy taste! 

#14. Baby Ruth Candy Bar

baby ruth, baby ruth chocolate

1920s Candy

This American chocolate bar is nothing short of hearty. Baby Ruth Candy Bar will spoil your appetite!

Filled with an enticing middle of fluffy chocolate-flavored nougat, a cascading ribbon of golden caramel, and crunchy peanuts, and comes in with a big finish of a rich and chocolatey coating.

Many believe that the Baby Ruth bar was named after famed baseball player Babe Ruth. When in fact, it was named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth.

The year was 1926, and Baby Ruth had become a household name and a popular chocolate bar among candy enthusiasts.

There's really nothing "baby" about this chocolate bar. It comes in strong with an exquisite texture and, of course, delicious taste!

#15. Cadbury Dairy Milk

cadbury milk chocolate, cadbury chocolate, cadbury dairy milk, cadbury dairy milk chocolate

1900s Candy

Perhaps, one of the most exquisite chocolates you have ever tasted. Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate is every chocolate lover's dream come true!

Made with the fresh addition of dairy milk in every bite, this Cadbury Chocolate is rich, velvety and creamy.

Available in a multitude of flavors and enjoyed worldwide. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate has been thrilling us since its sweet inception in 1905.

One of the favorites among Cadbury connoisseurs is the delectable Dairy Milk bars that come out of Canada.

Truly a classic chocolate bar that should not be missed!

#16. Snickers

snickers chocolate bar, white chocolate snickers bar, dark chocolate snickers bar

1930s Candy

This deluxe candy bar is made of pure satisfaction! The iconic Snickers bar is a hearty and hefty taste of all things ultra delicious!

Prepare for greatness to transpire as you bite into a middle of fluffy nougat, a ribbon of golden cascading caramel, and crunchy peanuts all wrapped up in a layer of rich milk chocolate.

Named after a famous racehorse that was loved and owned by Frank Mars of Mars Inc. Who just happened to be the genius creator of this American Candy Bar.

Since its debut in 1930, Snickers have been held in the hungry hands of generations. We don't plan on loosening our grip anytime soon!

#17. Laffy Taffy

laffy taffy, banana laffy taffy, yellow laffy taffy, yellow candy

1970s Candy

Get the last laugh when you're hungry with the legendary taste of Laffy Taffy. This candy was brought to us by the King of candy himself, Willy Wonka.

This retro candy has certainly tickled the tastebuds of many and made its grand entrance into candy land in the 1970s.

This once upon a time, Wonka Candy is intensely flavorful and always hits the sweet spot. Made with that delicious taffy pull that stretches out farther than you could imagine!

This taffy candy is not only made in a variety of mouthwatering flavors but has a joke printed on each wrapper. You get the candy and a laugh all in one bite!

#18. Twizzlers

twizzlers, twizzlers candy, twizzlers licorice, twizzlers licorice candy, twizzlers red licorice

1920s Candy

The licorice of a million miles! Famous for its long and luscious form, Twizzlers Licorice is an old-fashioned candy that has been wrapped around our tastebuds since 1929.

It's never hard to get roped into eating this famous licorice! Available in the traditional and classic twisted rope shape. Among other variations of licorice, Twizzlers now offers gummy candy.

Every year there are a million miles of licorice made. That's enough to circle the globe a few times!

#19. Almond Joy

almond joy, almond joy chocolate bar, almond joy bar, almond joy candy bar

1940s Candy

Joy to the world! For the delectable and ever-so-popular Almond Joy!

Who could resist sinking their teeth into this candy bar?

Made with an irresistible core of moist and tender coconut, the crunch of almonds and the rich taste of milk chocolate.

Almond Joy has met with hungry decades of chocolate lovers. This bar was created in 1946.

Fully loaded with the perfect pairing of flavors, Almond Joy is filled with sweet satisfaction. Oh, and we almost forgot, JOY!

#20. Pop Rocks

pop rocks, pop rocks candy, pop rocks strawberry, strawberry pop rocks

1970s Candy

This popping candy has been rocking us to the core since 1975!

Pop Rocks Candy has an action-packed theme going on. These tiny morsels of popping candy leave no stone unturned and will snap, crackle and pop in your mouth.

Loved for its very amazing ability to pop and is available in many intriguing flavors.

Famous for the 80's rumour that had us believing that little Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials had some dire complications after eating Pop Rocks and ingesting soda. We need to dispel this myth. Mikey is alive and well. His stomach did not explode, and you can enthusiastically continue to enjoy the popping of the forever-loved Pop Rocks!

#21. Love Hearts

love hearts, love hearts candy, love hearts sweets

1950s Candy

This heartfelt candy has been sweeping us off our candy-loving feet since 1954.

They are famous for their messages of love that are inscribed on each candy.

Love Hearts Candy is a classic. Deliciously delightful and filled with fruity flavors and sweet romance.

This retro candy comes in a roll of pretty hued pastel colors and is a pressed tablet form of candy.

Read them first, fall in love with the sender and then crunch them to bits!

#22. Smarties

smarties, smarties chocolate, smarties candy, smarties chocolate candy, canadian candy, canadian chocolate

1930s Candy

Do you eat the red ones last? We're just checking because we're talking about the Canadian version of Smarties here, and we don't want to come off as being a smarty pants!

The indispensable Canadian Candy, Smarties are colorful, round and candy-coated, crunch-filled chocolates that we've been enamoured with since 1937.

Each sweet morsel is crunchy on the outside and offers a creamy and rich milk chocolate center.

Coming in a multitude of bright colors like brown, orange, yellow, pink, purple and the famous favourite color of all, red.

Smarties are a must-try for any candy fanatic, and once you've eaten the red ones, there's really no turning back!

#23. Dubble Bubble

dubble bubble, dubble bubble gum, dubble bubble bubble gum

1920s Candy

The infamous pink hunk of juiciness that we've all come across on the pavement, under restaurant tables and wrinkled wrappers in the very bottom of our pockets and purses!

We've been basking in its pink and bubbly glory since 1928! Dubble Bubble Bubble gum is the quintessential bubblegum that's been lovingly chewed for decades!

It's probably the first bubblegum you ever tried and quite possibly your all-time favourite.

Over the years, Dubble Bubble has released countless varieties, including its vivid and colorful gumballs. However, the hot pink wrapper with that undeniable original taste which is a blend of vanilla and fruity flavors is the ultimate.

Get into those classic bubbles with the one and only Dubble Bubble!

#24. Twix

twix, twix chocolate, twix caramel, twix chocolate bar

1960s Candy

A double whammy of chocolatey deliciousness! The Twix candy bar has been luring us in with its golden wrapper and twin bars since 1967.

An enticing candy bar that's filled with an exciting blend of flavors and textures.

With a coating of milk chocolate on the outer layer, this candy bar offers a crunchy middle of buttery-tasting biscuit and a luscious and mouthwatering golden caramel.

There is something about the Twix that just never gets old. The trio of flavors make pure magic together.

Makes a great choice if you intend on sharing, but let's face it, we know you're going to eat both fingers of the Twix! It'll be our secret that we'll never tell!

#25. Kit Kat

kit kat, kit kat chocolate, kit kats, kit kat milk chocolate

1940s Candy

Nothing sounds better than the snap of Kit Kat! Well, unless you're crunching it in your mouth!

The Kit Kat Candy Bar is always a delight. Composed of four fingers, a crunchy middle filled with light and ever-so-crisp wafers and a generous coating of milk chocolate.

Providing us with sweet satisfaction since the 1940s, the Nestle Kit Kat Bar has expanded its line. This includes the Kit Kat Chunky, Kit Kat Birthday Cake, the Kit Kat Duos, and the list goes on, and so does our love for the famous Kit Kat made by Nestle!

#26. M&M's

m&m, m&m candy, m&m chocolate, m&ms, m&ms candy, m&ms chocolate

1940s Candy

From crunchy to smooth and just about every flavor in between, M&M's are a classic!

These colorful chocolate candies have been enticing us since their sweet creation in 1941.

M and M's Candy have been melting in our mouths for decades! Who can blame us for loving that bright candy-coated shell and that real milk chocolate that's sweetly tucked in the middle?

Eaten by the mouthful or by the civilized, a handful. These old-fashioned candies are famous worldwide and are made at an alarmingly delicious rate!

There are 2 billion made approximately every eight hours! Now thats impressive, and also means that there are plenty of M&M's to go around!

#27. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

reeses, reeses chocolate, reeses peanut butter cups, reeses peanut butter cup

1920s Candy

This match made in candy heaven is one of the delicious darlings of the candy world.

These sink-your-teeth-into-milk chocolate cups are brimming with the famous Reese's Peanut Butter.

We've been excitedly devouring these cups since 1928, and with every bite, our love for Reese's just gets stronger.

Not only have Reese's Peanut Butter Cups been a fan favorite for generations. There's plenty more to add, like the iconic Reese's Pieces. The Take Five Candy Bar and Reese's Fast Break.

There are even jars of Reese's Peanut Butter and the Reese's Peanut Butter Dessert Topping. That will transform a sad and lonely bowl of any ice cream into a gourmet indulgence!

What would we do without this classic? Its countless creations have had us back for more and more, and then some more for decades!

Our love affair with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups continuously and unapologetically captures our tastebuds all across the entire globe! 

#28. Hershey's Bar

hershey's, hershey's chocolate, hersheys, hersheys chocolate, hersheys milk chocolate

1900s Candy

Is there a more comforting sound than unwrapping a Hershey's Chocolate Bar?

This old-fashioned chocolate bar has been a staple in our chocolate-craving hands since 1900.

Indulged in for well over 100 years, The Hersheys Bar is deliciously satisfying.

An uncomplicated bar of pure happiness. Famously referred to as "The Great American Chocolate Bar".

Every bite savoured is an all-American taste of greatness. The Hershey's Bar not only delivers its flagship bar but an endless variety of flavorful choices.

Offering its creamy white chocolate in the loved Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme Bar or the exploding taste of the Hershey's White Chocolate Sprinkles and Popping Candy. There's a Hershey's Bar to suit every occasion and appetite!

Taste a true legend with Hershey's!

#29. Life Savers

life savers, life savers candy

1930s Candy

Giving us a "hole" lot of deliciousness since 1912! Talk about an old-fashioned candy. Life Savers have been savoured for generations.

The original hard candy flavor was the famous Pep-O-Mint which sold for an entire five cents!

It wasn't until 1935 that the Five Flavor Roll of Life Savers was introduced, and then in 1938, "the only one candy with a hole in the middle" gifted us the iconic, smooth and creamy taste of the Butter Rum.

The Butter Rum Life Savers took our tastebuds by storm and is still considered a favorite candy among candy lovers everywhere.

Besides the hard candy, Lifesavers have given us countless varieties of gummy candy. Made with legendary fruit-filled flavors and, of course, the famous "hole" is still intact!

#30. Mike And Ike


mike and ikes, mike n ike, mike and ikes candy, mike and ike candy, mike n ikes candy

1940s Candy

These two loveable characters have been providing us with sweet relief since 1940. Chewy, colorful and full of flavor, Mike And Ike are a classic candy.

Even though our pals, Mike And Ike, don't actually exist, lucky for us the candy sure does!

The beginning of this candy adventure started with the Original Fruits Chewy Assorted before exploding into countless other fantastic flavors including the Mike And Ike Berry Blast, the Mike And Ike Mega Mix, and the Mike And Ike Mega Mix Sours.

We can't forget the most loved flavor of all time, the Mike And Ike Red Rageous.

Despite all of these mouthwatering and exciting flavors, red candies have always been the most popular of the brand.

We just can't ever resist the appealing sound of the rattling of this box. Offering us such juicy and delicious flavors for decades. We suppose it's no surprise that Mike And Ike produce approximately 8.7 million pieces of candy during a seven-hour period. That's a whopping amount of candy and a testament to the incredible taste of Mike And Ike Candy!

Everyone loves candy!

As we reminisced on these 30 Candies, we couldn't help but feel a twinge of nostalgia along with some mouthwatering anticipation. The old-fashioned candy that we haven't thought of in years and the excitement of trying a new candy. The thrill of candy just never gets old, and neither does our love or appetite ever fade.

Tell us if your candy favorites made the list and which candy you'll try next.

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