Top 10 Candies of The Month - May

Top 10 Candies of The Month - May

When May rolls around, we get extra excited! We get to try some amazing candy just in time for Summer! Sunshine and candy, what could be better?
At Candy Funhouse, we pride ourselves on bringing you the very best candy around. As candyologists, it's our pleasure to taste it all!

Here are our Top Ten Candies Of May...

#1. Chubby Poppin' Pear Soda

Chubby Poppin' Pear Soda - 250mL
"Stir it up" this Summer with the Chubby Poppin' Pear Soda! In every flavorful sip, you'll taste the tangy and sweet flavor of the pear. This Chubby Soda is crisp, cool and refreshing.
Originating in Trinidad and Tobago in 1993 before reaching North America.
Chubby Soda is famous for its unique flavours and cute and "chubby" bottle shape.
Providing a delicious redemption for any big thirst! As you taste this Chubby Soda, its golden hue is filled with a bubbly and fantastic fizz!

#2. Crush Pineapple

Crush Pineapple Soda - 355mL-Crush soda-Pineapple Soda
"Crush" it good with the revitalizing taste of Crush Pineapple!
You'll be more than enticed with this Crush Soda. Every sip is a refreshing rendition of pineapple. Its tropical taste brings to mind warm sunshine and swaying palm trees. It's the perfect soda for staying cool this summer. Its quenching taste is a golden elixir for any thirst!
Crush has been treating us to its many flavorful renditions since 1911.
Available in countless flavors, Crush goes hand in hand with Summer!

#3. Herberts Best Planet Gummi

Herbert's Best Planet Gummi Peg Bag - 2.6oz, herberts best planet gummies, herberts best planet gummi, gummy candy, gummies, gummy, soft gummy, soft gummies, efrutti, efrutti gummy, efrutti candy
As the world turns, we just keep craving candy! Herberts Best Planet Gummi is an out-of-this-world gummy candy that is beyond flavorful and filled with remarkable texture.
Probably David Suzuki and Greta Thunberg's ideal candy, these gummies are shaped just like our beautiful planet!
As you bite through this gummy candy, the outer layer has a thick, gummy texture, and the middle has a delicious, cascading, oozing liquid center.
Every bite is fruity and sweet and its earthly appearance just makes it impressively irresistible!
A highly entertaining candy, this gummy candy actually went viral on TikTok!
It might ooze on your chin, but you won't mind a bit; it's just an extra taste for later!
Make your day earth-shattering with Herbert's Best Planet Gummi!

#4. Mentos Fresh Cola

Mentos Candy - Fresh Cola
It's a fizzy eruption of your favourite cola! Mentos Fresh Cola will more than satisfy your taste buds. It has a shell of hard candy and a delightfully chewy middle. Mentos Candy never disappoints!
Is it a candy, or is it a mint? This is the age-old question!  Actually, Mentos are based on scotch mint candy but offer an extensive selection of sweet and fruity flavours.
Mentos Fresh Cola is bursting with a classic cola flavor. It's a little fizzy and a whole lot of delicious. Imagine a chewy rendition of cola? This Mentos Candy is perfect for the warmer months. Sure to leave your tastebuds more than refreshed!
We say "bottoms up" to the Mentos Fresh Cola!

#5. Chupa Chups Sugar-Free Lollipops

Chupa Chups Sugar Free Lollipop (UK) - 11g
Sugar-free candy does not mean flavourless! The Chupa Chups Sugar-Free Lollipops offer sensational flavors that will have you back for more!
These lollipops are available in juicy strawberry, fizzy cola and sweet cherry.
Chupa Chups is the ultimate lollipop choice for every candy enthusiast. 
Licking your way through these lollipops, you'll become enamoured with the perfect hard candy texture and incredible flavours.
Every sugar-free lollipop offers a lingering and long-lasting taste that is truly second to none!
Chupa Chups made its delcioius debut in 1958. A famous brand of Spanish candy invented by Enric Bernat boasts a whimsical logo designed by surrealist artist Salvadore Dali. This retro candy has been held in the hungry hands of candy-loving generations!
Experience enticing! With the  Chupa Chups Sugar-Free Lollipops!

#6. Chupa Chups Frooze Pops

Chupa Chups Fr-Ooze Pop - 26g
Spoil yourself with the Chupa Chups Frooze Pops.
These fruit-flavoured lollipops offer the oozing experience of a gel candy! 
Just unwrap it, lick it and squeeze it for the incredible eruption of some ooey-gooey, fruity-tasting deliciousness!
This unique Chupa Chups lollipop is in a class by itself! It's overflowing with extreme texture and taste and offers sweet satisfaction in every taste!
Chupa Chups has been creating the candy of our dreams since 1958.
It is famous for its lollipop but offers a variety of other candies, including gummy candy, sparkling soda, room spray, and even a delicious-tasting lip balm!
Get into the fantastic "Frooze"! With the one and only Chupa Chups Frooze Pops!

#7. Coffee Crisp Iced Caramel Cappuccino

Limited Edition Coffee Crisp Iced Caramel Cappiccino - 42g
The Coffee Crisp that dreams are made of! Especially baristas, sugar-istas and cappuccino enthusiasts! The Coffee Crisp Iced Caramel Cappuccino will have you exclaiming "Mamma mia" with just one bite!
This Coffee Crisp is a limited edition bar just in time for Summer! This Canadian chocolate bar offers a layer of real milk chocolate. Nestled inside, those famous light and crisp wafers are sandwiched between layers of a delicious iced cappuccino confection.
It's a taste of creamy caramel, bold coffee and velvety milk chocolate. In other words, it's pure perfection!
Coffee Crisp has been treating us to its coffee-infused flavors since 1939. It's a classic taste of Canada, offering irresistible goodness in every bite!
Make it crisp! With the Coffee Crisp Iced Caramel Cappucino!

#8.  Smarties Strawberry

Limited Edition Smarties Strawberry - 45g
Made for strawberry lovers! These exclusive Smarties Strawberry will have you "berry" impressed! A limited edition candy that combines the luscious flavour of ripe strawberries with the rich taste of milk chocolate.
These Smarties start with the famous hard candy coating, making way for an unforgettable blend of sophisticated flavors. They would definitely go great with some champagne!
"Suck them very slowly, or crunch them very fast". Smarties have been making our tastebuds do the happy dance since the 1930s! A classic Canadian candy that has stood the test of time. Eaten by the handfuls and mouthfuls, Smarties Candy is simply incredible!
This is the crunch you need this Summer! Be "berry" indulged with the Smarties Strawberry!

#9. Warheads Super Sour Tongue Rollers

Warheads Super Sour Tongue Rollers - .85oz
Annihilate your tastebuds just like the rest of us sour candy lovers with the Warheads Super Sour Tongue Rollers!
This Warheads candy is made to roll directly onto your tongue. Get Rolling! This sour candy comes in a flavorful selection of black cherry, green apple and blue raspberry. One lick of this sour candy, and you'll never look back!
Small enough to carry in your pocket, this Warheads Candy is the answer when those sour candy cravings strike!
Warheads have been shredding our tongues since 1993! Famous for its original hard candy, the line of Warheads has grown tremendously over the years! 
This sour candy line now includes taffy, jelly beans, gummy candy and even soda!

#10. Oreo Sour Patch Kids

Oreo Cookies with Sour Patch Kids - 10.68oz
These kids might be mischievous, but they're always into something delicious!
The Oreo Sour Patch Kids offer a taste of the famous Oreo Cookie along with the darlings of the candy world, the Sour Patch Kids Candy!
These limited-edition Oreo Cookies feature two round vanilla wafer cookies, a cookie and creme middle infused with Sour Patch Kids candy flavours, along with some sweet and colourful inclusions!
Don't worry, of course, these Oreo Cookies are dunkable! Get your cold glass of milk ready and get ready for that delicious dunk! These Oreos are a fantasy cookie! They're a hybrid of Sour Patch Kids and Oreos. I mean, does life get any better?
Oreo Cookies made their debut in 1912. This old-fashioned sandwich cookie is America's most famous dunkable cookie. Available in a huge selection of remarkable flavors, there's sure to be an Oreo for any and every occasion!
Enjoy these cookies just as they are, with a glass of milk,  or crumble them on top of a bowl of ice cream or use them to top off your ice cream cone!
Don't miss this couple of the century! Play hard and take your tastebuds to the limit with the Oreo Sour Patch Kids!
Tell us what you think of our incredible May lineup. Which candies were you inspired to try next? Are you craving any already?
We can't wait until June to bring you even more must-have candies.
Until then, stay sweet, friends, and may all your candy endeavours be delicious!

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