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Top 10 Candies of the Month - March

The Best Candy for Spring!

Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, and the sun is coming out of hiding. The Winter is finally on its way out. This just means one thing for every candy connoisseur.

This calls for a celebration; this calls for candy! March was filled with some delicious candies! We must admit we tried more than ten, but here are our top picks.

#1. Peeps Marshmallow Dr Pepper

Peeps Marshmallow Dr Pepper - Soda-Inspired Treat - Fizzy Flavour - Fluffy Marshmallow - Marshmallow - Marshmallow Candy - Soda Candy

These Peeps have joined forces with the famous Dr Pepper! The exciting pair combines the spicy, tangy kick of Dr Pepper and the sweetness of Peeps.

This new power couple creates a deep red colored Peep. Every bite is soft, squishy, and made in a little chick's sweet shape! Boasting its iconic cloud-like texture, this Peeps Marshmallow Candy amps up that usual marshmallow taste. Giving every mouthful a flavorful kick!

The addition of the Dr Pepper gives the humble Peep a flavorful tanginess. Perfect for use as some remarkable and unexpected Easter candy. Fill up those Easter baskets, or place them on your Easter table.

Rumour has it that these very Peeps are the Easter Bunny's favourite. This gives him the energy to go out and hop around all day!

Get your tastebuds hopping! With the Peeps Marshmallow Dr Pepper!

#2. Cheetos American Style BBQ Turkey (China)

Cheetos - Cheetos American Style BBQ Turkey - Savoury Snack - Bold Flavour - BBQ Flavouring

Wet your whistle with the savoury goodness of the Cheetos American-style BBQ Turkey! These Cheetos chips are imported from China and offer a crunchy hit of incredible flavor.

These are the perfect corn chip after you've had too much candy. They will deliciously cleanse your palate. Every crunchy bite of these Cheetos makes you feel like you're biting through a giant turkey leg. Made with the most perfect seasonings and that famous texture.

We guarantee you'll eat the crumbs from the bag and licking your fingers. These are an excellent savoury snack for any time!

Get into the classic crunch with the Cheetos American Style BBQ Turkey!

#3. Swizzel's Vimto Chew Bar (UK)

Vimto - Vimto Candy - Chew Candy - Chewy Candy - Fruit Candy - Fruity Candy

Get in touch with your fruity side! The Swizzel's Vimto Chew Bar is a British candy. This chewy candy is made with the very popular British soda Vimto.

You'll taste the intense and lingering flavors of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants in every chewy bite. Each mouthful is tangy and sweet; this chewy candy is deliciously refreshing!

Made with real fruit juices and natural colors, it has an authentically fruity flavor. This Swizzel's Vimto Chew Bar makes a perfect snack anytime. Small and compact, throw it in your purse or pocket when you need a sweet treat!

Make your day fantastically sweet with the irresistible and fruit-filled goodness of Swizzle's Vimto Chew Bar!

#4. Thrills Gum

Chewing Gum - Gum - Thrills Gum - Bubble Gum - Retro Candy - Nostalgic Candy

Get your "thrills" cheap and easy with the polarizing taste of this Canadian gum! Thrills gum is a unique-looking gum coming in a pretty shade of purple, and yes, it's famous for tasting like soap!

If you're adventurous and looking for genuinely distinctive gum, this retro gum will undoubtedly fit the bill. This gum is made using rose water, giving it that soap-like flavor. It depends on how you taste things; not everyone will experience a soap taste. For some, it's a craved- for delicious, must-have gum.

Loved for its originality, Thrills Gum has been "thrilling" us since the 1940s. Love it or hate it, this gum offers a distinct, weird and wonderful flavor.

Experience the thrilling taste with the one and only Thrills Gum!

#5. Starburst Minis Original Candy 

Starburst - Starburst Candy - Starburst Minis Original Candy - Bite-Sized Treats - Fruity Goodness - Vibrant Flavours - Chewy Candies

Mini, but oh so mighty! The Starburst Minis Original Candy is smaller than the original Starburst.

The bonus of these candies is they come unwrapped! That means you can eat them faster; there is no need to fiddle with pesky wrappers!

As you make your way through this Starburst Candy, you'll become deliciously enamoured with the fresh flavours of cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry and strawberry. 

Every adorable-looking chewy candy offers a vibrant burst of remarkable taste, and the chewy texture is soft and supple. We're almost sure you'll eat the entire bag!

We usually don't like mini things, but these Starburst candies are the exception!

Loved since 1967, offering a dynamic burst in every bite! Be sweetly satisfied with the Starburst Minis Original candy!

#6. Brach's Nips Coffee Hard Candy

Brach's - Brachs - Brachs Candy - Brach's Hard Candy - Hard Candy - Coffee - Coffee Candy - Coffee Hard Candy

Do you continuously crave the taste of your morning cuppa joe all day long? Brach's Nips Coffee Hard Candy will be the candy of your dreams!

This hard candy comes individually wrapped, perfect for on-the-go or sharing. Crunch through it quickly or savour the sweetness; this hard candy is filled with the robust taste of coffee. Creamy and rich offering that little pick me up throughout the day.

As you unwrap a Brach's candy, the aroma is bold and sweet. You'll be deliciously enticed. These are a hard candy that tastes good!

Great to bring to the office for clients or share with family and friends at home. You just might turn into your grandma after all!

Get out your long-forgotten crystal candy dish and fill it with Brach's Nips Coffee Hard candy!

#7. Cadbury White Creme Egg (UK)

Cadbury - Cadbury Chocolate - Cadbury Creme Egg - Creme Egg - Easter Chocolate - Easter Candy - Chocolate Egg - Easter Egg

We just had to test out this British Chocolate! The Cadbury White Creme Egg is a twist on the original.

Imported from the UK, this Cadbury chocolate features a thick layer of white chocolate on the exterior and a sweet fondant middle. It just might drip down your chin, but you won't mind a bit having this egg on your face!

It's creamy, rich, and offers a silky smooth sensation in every bite. Hands down, this Cadbury Creme Egg is more than satisfying! It's a perfect treat for the ultimate lover of white chocolate.

It's an excellent Easter candy. This Cadbury chocolate will deliciously top off any Easter basket! Great for Easter Egg hunts or to decorate your Easter-themed table. Place one beside every place setting as a sweet thank you to your guests!

You'll be waving the white flag of defeat with the Cadbury White Creme Egg!

#8. Kinder Country Milk Chocolate

Kinder Country Milk Chocolate - European Candy - Milk Chocolate - Crispy Cereal - Kinder - Kinder Chocolate

This Kinder chocolate will satisfy any chocolatey craving! The Kinder Country Milk Chocolate is a milk chocolate bar with a creamy milk filling studded with bits of puffed rice cereal.

Offering a gentle crunch in every bite, this Kinder chocolate makes a light and satisfying indulgence. The milk chocolate is creamy and delectable and delivers a rich and bold flavor.

Made with natural flavors, this Kinder chocolate makes a light snack throughout the day—an excellent choice for an afternoon pick-me-up. Providing a crisp and creamy sensation all at once, this Kinder chocolate bar is a must-try!

#9. Rocky Road Candy Bar

Rocky Road - Rocky Road Chocolate - Rocky Road Chocolate Bar - Nougat Candy

It's a bumpy ride filled with delicious intentions! The Rocky Road Candy Bar is an enticing candy bar with remarkable texture and taste.

Featuring handmade milk chocolate that holds inside a fluffy marshmallow filling and the irresistible crunch of cashews. If you've never tried this candy bar, you'll be in for a sweet surprise!

The flavours are perfect together, and that rich-tasting milk chocolate is incredible. You won't have a crumb left! The Rocky Road Candy Bar made its sweet debut in 1950. It is one of the classics that offers a deliciously distinctive taste!

It'll be love at first bite with the Rocky Road Candy Bar!

#10. Mickey Mouse 4D Gummies (Japan)

Mickey Mouse - Disney Candy - Mickey Mouse Candy - Gummy - Gummy Candy - Gummies

Now, you can taste the magic of Disney no matter where you are! The Mickey Mouse 4D Gummies are imported from Japan.

Featuring our famous pal, Mickey Mouse. These gummies are made in a 4D Mickey Mouse shape. Capturing the pose of the legendary mouse. You can help celebrate 100 years of Walt Disney magic with this candy!

This gummy candy is made in the fruity flavor of orange. Every bite is soft and tender with a chewy texture. No matter what dimension you're in, these gummies are charming, fun, and ultimately delicious! A must-have Japanese candy for any Disney or Mickey Mouse fan!

Meet Mickey like never before with the Mickey Mouse 4D Gummies! 

Which candy made you drool? Will you try any of our picks? Let us know!

As you can see, the month of March was filled with incredible candies! From Cadbury Chocolate, Easter Candy and even a savoury snack. You'll surely find a favourite among this sweet selection!

We can't wait to see what April delivers! Stay tuned as we continue to explore and taste the intriguing world of candy!

Have your pick of new candy right here!

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