Top 10 American Chocolate Bars

Top 10 American Chocolate Bars

Regarded as one of the most affluent countries in the world, America is home to the famous Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Broadway, and all that fabulous Hollywood glitz!!

Although we love all things American, it's a different kind of love when it comes to their chocolate bars — the star-spangled banner really knows what it's doing! 

Here are our Top 10 American Chocolate Bars...

#10. Almond Joy Candy Bar

Almond Joy Chocolate Bar

For those who embrace their nuttiness, the Almond Joy Candy Bar has been delivering nutty deliciousness since 1946. This old-fashioned candy bar is filled with a chewy, tender coconut center, topped off with whole almonds and coated in a creamy, rich layer of milk chocolate.

Every bite is made with the satisfaction of not only these incredible flavor combinations, but that unbelievably chewy texture.

Invented by Peter Paul Inc. in Connecticut, the Almond Joy chocolate bar was made famous with the 1977 commercial exclaiming "Sometimes you feel like a nut". I guess we can all relate to feeling a little "nutty" sometimes, but nothing can compare to the delicious joy that comes along with eating the Almond Joy Candy Bar!

#9. 5th Avenue Candy Bar

5th Avenue Chocolate Bar

A bar of sheer indulgence! The 5th Avenue Candy Bar is filled with layers of crunchy peanut butter and encased in a layer of rich milk chocolate. Enticing you with its very classy name, but really pulling you in when your lips meet this delectable candy bar.

We've been experiencing the sweet exhilaration of the 5th Avenue Bar since 1936. Somehow those textures and exquisite flavors just never get old.

These candy bars were bestowed upon hungry chocolate lovers by William H. Luden who was the maker of the Luden's Cough Drops. Perhaps he ate too many cough drops and was craving something a little more chocolatey. There is no explanation for why this candy bar is named 5th Avenue, but our thought is that Mr. Luden wanted his candy bar to be an equivalent of the level of sophistication that you would find on New York, 5th Avenue. Which is known for being one of the most expensive shopping destinations on earth. With retailers including Chanel, Tiffany And Co. and Saks. Known as "Millionaires Row", Mr. Luden might’ve been strategic with who he was marketing to!

Deep pockets or not, if you have exquisite taste buds, the 5th Avenue Chocolate Bar will leave you reeling in deliciousness!

#8. Twix Candy Bars

Twix Chocolate Bar

Double your chocolate-eating pleasure with the twice-is-always-nice taste of Twix chocolate! These incredible-tasting twin bars offer two bars of a crunchy and buttery-tasting biscuit middle, topped off with luscious and golden caramel, encased in a layer of rich milk chocolate.

Twix Candy Bars are iconic and serve up that creamy and crunchy, dreamy texture all in one bite. The great thing about the Twix Chocolate Bar is there are two of them, making it great for sharing or saving a half for later! But that's pretty weak for any candy connoisseur. If you choose to indulge in a Twix, we say go all the way and enjoy its dual deliciousness!

Introduced in America in 1979, this delightful-tasting candy bar has been enjoyed and unwillingly shared for generations! With a growing line of products, Twix offers a variety of flavors like the Twix Salted Caramel, Twix White, Twix Cookies and Creme Bars and many, many more!

The Twix Candy Bars are filled with a classic taste that never gets old!

#7. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Move over peanut butter and jam there's a new kid in town! OK, technically not a chocolate bar, but the delicious blend of chocolate & peanut butter make it a legendary treat that is adored worldwide, and a flavor match made in candy heaven! Hands down the ultimate power couple of the entire Candyverse!

The contribution to our chocolate-craving tastebuds is nothing short of remarkable. This dynamic duo of creamy milk chocolate cups that hold inside a crumbly and slightly salty peanut butter middle are nothing short of phenomenal!

Introduced to the world in 1928, and the brainchild of H.B Reese, these remarkable candy cups have become an American chocolate staple. Once upon a time, these went by the name of "Penny Cups" and were sold for one cent each. Mr. Reese once worked as a dairy farmer for Milton S. Hershey, until he left to pursue his very own candy empire, but don't worry there was never any bad blood between the two. In fact, H.B. Reese used Hershey's Chocolate for his cups right from the start!

The success of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups has grown exponentially. These heavenly cups of chocolate and peanut butter have spanned the entire world with countless variations of the iconic flavor duo that we call Reese's chocolate. You can even get the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in astounding one-pound packages! For many of us, that's a dream come true!

May your cup always be overflowing with the delectable taste of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

#6. Heath Bar

Heath Candy Bar

Destined to be in the limelight, the milk chocolate and buttery English Toffee are the ultimate power couple!

The Heath Chocolate Bar offers more than just its substantial taste, its crunch is one of a kind and is very apparent in each and every bite. A balance of sweet chocolate notes and the slightly salty taste of the toffee make this bar a superstar!

Arriving in the world of candy in 1932, the Heath candy bar has awakened the taste buds of generations! Created by the Heath brothers, this decadent chocolate was once called "Heath English Toffee". This candy bar also was boasted as being "America's Finest" describing it as being a high-quality bar. 

The Heath brothers began selling this delicious creation from their father's dairy farm truck, where they were once employed before gaining widespread success. Following the success of selling from the farm truck, the brothers joined forces and founded the Heath Candy Company.

And we are forever grateful because the enticing crunch of the Heath Bar never gets old!

#5. 100 Grand Bar

100 Grand Bar

Life is grand when you've got a 100 Grand Bar in hand! 

This candy bar is constructed with a crispy puffed rice center, golden silk caramel and a generous coating of milk chocolate. Filled with both crispy and smooth textures, this American Candy Bar is irresistibly delicious!

A popular choice since its sweet debut in 1964, the 100 Grand Chocolate Bar is a taste of sweet sophistication. Its name comes from the era of when televised game shows were at an all time high. This delicious chocolate bar was first called the hundred thousand dollar bar, then later simplified to 100 Grand. 

This chocolate bar has also had its fair share of fame. Including when it was featured on The Office when Michael Scott referred to it in his motivational business speech. It was also gifted by the box-full to the lead actors on the hit show Friends when they demanded $100,000.00 per episode. We wonder if they ever ate them?

In any case, we'll never be a dollar short with the sensational taste of the 100 Grand Bar!

#4. Kit Kat Candy Bar

Kit Kat Chocolate Bar

That crispy sound of bars of chocolate breaking is music to our ears! The Kit Kat Candy Bar offers four fingers of pure deliciousness!

Filled with those famous crisp and light wafers and covered in a layer of milk chocolate. 

The snap of this candy bar never gets old!

This household candy bar was introduced to the English public in 1935, before making its way to America in 1940. From the very beginning Kit Kat chocolate gained a very hungry fanbase and has held its legendary status for generations.

This candy bar is devoured worldwide and is especially loved in Japan where they offer over 300 limited-edition renditions of the bar. The original Kit Kat has expanded & evolved over the years to include Kit Kat Chunky, Kit Kat Duos, Kit Kat Birthday Cake, and Kit Kat Pops... the choices are endless!

Go on, and give yourself that well-earned break with the Kit Kat Chocolate Bar!

#3. Butterfinger 

Butterfingers Chocolate Bar

The irresistible taste of the famous Butterfinger Candy Bar has been alive and well since its delicious debut in 1923. Containing a crispy and crunchy peanut butter flake filling with a rich coating of milk chocolate.

Every bite is filled with the crowning glory of that crisp peanut butter texture and delectable taste. As the package states it's "crispety" and "crunchety" and of course, "peanut-Buttery" makes it oh-so deliciously enjoyable.

During its debut to the public, they needed a way to boost sales of this candy bar so they did what anyone would do, they cleverly remedied the situation by dropping Butterfinger Chocolate Bars out of an airplane! During this stunt, they had the candy bars attached to tiny little parachutes, to get them to safely land on the ground, and of course, to get the people talking! They decided to do this in New York which caused a big stir when people started racing to get their hands on a Butterfinger chocolate bar.

Bart Simpson from the iconic cartoon, The Simpsons, further cemented the idea of this bar's deliciousness by warning others "not to lay a finger on my Butterfinger". We agree, we suggest you get your fingers on your own irresistible Butterfinger Candy Bar! (You can thank us later)  

#2. Snickers Candy Bar

Snickers Chocolate Bar

This American chocolate bar really has it all! The Snickers Candy Bar has been in the hungry grip of our chocolate-loving hands since 1930. It's a hefty bar that will squelch any hunger big or small. 

Delighting us for decades with a middle of fluffy nougat, silky golden caramel, crunchy peanuts and a coating of rich milk chocolate. Who in their right mind could resist that?

Named after his racehorse, creator Frank Mars, of Mars Incorporated, created the Snickers chocolate bar in his kitchen. It took him three years to get it just right and our taste buds give him a great big, heartfelt thanks for it!

Remaining a highly sought-after chocolate bar to this day, Snickers comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors like Snickers White Candy Bar, Snickers Peanut Brownie, Snickers Crunchy Peanut Butter, we could go on & on with the list if you let us. But let's face it, the staying power of Snickers only comes down to one thing — it always satisfies!

#1. Hershey's Chocolate Bar

Hershey's Chocolate Bar

This classic chocolate bar swept us off our feet since its sweet debut in 1900. Its longevity and long history does not let it fade in the background of our candy-eating memories, in fact, Hershey’s remains a favorite among candy lovers! 

It was just a few short years after Milton Hershey opened the Hershey Chocolate Company in 1894 that his chocolate bar became a household name.

A bar of delicious simplicity, the Hershey's Chocolate Bar has also been dubbed the "Great American Chocolate Bar". The creamy-tasting milk chocolate without any additional frills has victoriously captured the taste buds of generations! 

Maybe it's that farm-fresh milk they use in each and every bar that gives it that distinctive taste and texture. 

Long live the Hershey Bar! it's got staying power and the proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the chocolate!

We’ve grown up on these candies and nothing compares to the satisfyingly delicious taste of American Chocolate Bars!

Tell us which chocolate bar listed above is your ride or die? Did we miss any of your favorites?

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