Pucker Up for the Top 10 Sour Candies

Pucker Up for the Top 10 Sour Candies

Our Ultimate Sour Candy Must-Trys!

In the world of sour candy, there's so much to experience from the taste, texture and tongue-tingling flavors. The best sour candies always bring excitement to the mix, and let's be honest, some self-induced yet compelling puckering! 

Get ready for your mouth to water and your tongue to wag as you cringe in sour anticipation of our favorite sour candies!

Here are our top 10 Sour Candies...

#10. Barnetts Sour Candy

Barnetts Mega Sour Candy

Could this be the most sour candy in the world? We think it's undoubtedly a contender!

The Barnetts Sour Mega Candy could make you weak in the knees. You might even shed a tear or two. But don't be discouraged. It's rumored that even the most well-seasoned sour candy connoisseur has trouble eating this candy in its entirety. 

Barnetts Candy is a family-run business from the UK that began in the1890s and still makes all their candies by hand, using copper kettles!

This British candy is a hard candy that offers a gut-wrenching cry of sourness! Coming with a disguise of what they say are "fruity" flavors, you must get past the intense sour-tasting powder on the outer layer first. If you can courageously handle that, you may taste its fruity delight in the middle. 

This sour sting will go on for what feels like an eternity, but in actuality, this lasts for approximately 20-30 seconds.

To be tortured or not? That's the question with this candy.

Eat ''em' and weep! Our favorite sting is in the Barnetts Mega Sour Fruits, which add a little fizz to the mix. Some of our most reached for Barnetts sour candy include the Mega Sours Cola and the Barnetts Mega Sour Cherries. Obliterate your tastebuds, if you dare, with Barnetts Mega Sours!

#9. Sour Nerds

Nerds Sour Big Chewy Candy

Reminiscent of our old pal, Willy Wonka. The Nerds Sour Big Chewy Candy is the cheeky big daddy of the original Nerds Candy. Everything about these is remarkably tasty.

Making a grand entrance in the Candyverse in 2019, the sour Nerds rapidly became a must-have Candy — talk about some real candytainment. These jumbo-sized candies start with a sweet and crunchy candy-coated shell. Until you happily meet the middle of a chewy, sour candy core.

It's a sour trip down Wonka Candy memory lane, but these Nerds are bigger, dare we say better and ready for some sour satisfaction!

For a winning sour candy that has it all, we say don't go home. Go big, very big! With the Nerds Sour Big Chewy Candy!

#8. Sour Punch Straws

Sour Punch Straws

These are a gut punch to your taste buds, and you'll love to be hit with this sour left hook! The Sour Punch Straws Candy emerged in the 90s and was among the first sour candies to enter North America. Quickly becoming a craving for sour candy, these tasty little straws became a fan favorite.

Long and luscious, these chewy straw-shaped candies contain a super sour exterior and a fruity-tasting core. They are delivering a strong bite of sour along with some intense fruitiness. 

Coming in various flavors, this deliciously chewy sourness never gets old. So go on, don't be shy, put your dukes up and pucker up for the Sour Punch Straws.

#7. Lemonheads

Lemonhead candy

One of our classic go-to top sour candies has to be the zippy taste of Lemonheads Candy. Made with the zesty flavor of real lemon juice, these candies always pack a sour punch.

A tart, soft shell on the outside with a soft and sour core. These citrusy hits of sour delight will make you pucker and squint. A balance of fresh lemony tang and sour. These yellow candies are a keeper!

Finding their way into the eager mouths of candy lovers everywhere, Lemonheads hit the sour scene in 1962. Believe it or not, the maker of these classic candies, Nello Ferrara, affectionately named them after his newborn son, implying that his head appeared to be like a lemon. 

Some other versions of this retro candy in a not-so-sour and chewy form are the Chewy Lemonheads Redrific Candy and the Chewy Lemonhead Tropical.

As we're sure, every candy lover agrees when life gives you lemons, reach for the Lemonheads!

#6. Sour Razzles

Sour Razzles

When you can't decide on candy or gum, or you happen to be a Gemini, Sour Razzles always fit the bill.

This candy was all the rage when it emerged in the 1960s. It's a transformational treat that starts as a hard candy and then changes into a magical piece of bubblegum!

Filled with tart and fruity flavors along with that sour rush, Razzles Candy is an excellent candy/gum that offers you the best of both worlds.

Besides the sour rendition of this candy, there's also the original form and the sunny taste of Razzles Tropical Candy. 

You're never too old for magic or the sour fun of Razzles!

#5. Cry Baby Gum

Cry Baby Gum

There could be a tear in your beer, but some of us prefer to cry over the Cry Baby Gum. This retro candy remains one of our most chewed and loved bubblegum of all time.

This sour gum could even make the big and burly sour lovers cringe. Appearing under tables and desks in a town near you since 1991.

Each bright gumball begins with a sucker punch of sour before subsiding into some incredible fruit-filled flavors.

The taste is substantial and bold and offers a long-lasting bouncy piece of bubblegum.

Not a Bubblegum fan? No need to cry. Cry Baby also offers us other options like the Cry Baby Sour Chews. These chewy, round candies come with a coating of a top-secret sour finish.

The outer layer is a firm texture, and the middle is mouthwateringly chewy. With every bite, this candy comes alive with a mix of fruit flavors and that tear-inducing sourness.

You'll fall to your knees with that sour twinge, and yes, you might even need a Kleenex with Cry Baby!

#4. Sour Skittles

Sour Skittles

Get into a sour-tasting tizzy with Sour Skittles. Skittles Candy has won us over for decades, loved since 1979, but the sour version will enliven your tastebuds with its sour charm.

Over that otherwise sweet rainbow, the sour candy version takes us on a fruity and sour-tasting journey.

The fruity taste is front, and center in this candy and the sourness looms in the background. 

Colorful and just as vivid looking, each candy is layered in a sour-tasting coating adding to the fresh zing. The sour Skittles candy is a take-it-easy sour that won't wholly flip your lid!

#3. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids

These bold kids are super adventurous and always seem to hoodwink us into eating candy! 

Famous for tangy and sour-tasting candy, this extreme version takes things up a notch. 

The Sour Patch Kids Extreme are abundantly chewy candies that start you off with a sour hit before morphing into a sweeter version. It is filled with some deliciously fruity flavors that make that sourness a little more tolerable.

Arriving in Candyland in 1985, these kids are still among the sour stars of candy!

These kids come in many other choices like the Sour Patch Kids Sour Cherry Blasters and one of our all-time fav, the Sour Patch Kids Peach.

We've gotta hand it to these kids. They've managed to squirm their sour way into Trident Gum and even found their way into our cookie jars (and hearts) with the Chips Ahoy Cookies Sour Patch Kids!

Well played, kids, very well played!

#2. Warheads


If you dare to eat candy so sour it feels like an explosion in your head while ripping apart your tastebuds, then Warheads Candy is just what you're looking for.

The original is small, hard-textured candies covered in a layer of impactful sour-tasting powder. Your once quiet and peaceful tastebuds will be eradicated with an obliterating sour candy like no other. The flavor hints at fruity sweetness, but the tartness is intense!

Arriving on the sour candy scene in Taiwan in 1975, these bad boys finally made their way to North America in 1993 before becoming mainstream in 2004.

Our other honorable mentions include the Warheads Super Sour Spray. Which conveniently allows you to have a squirt of sour whenever the mood strikes. Also, the Warheads Ooze Chews are toothsome-tasting chewy candy in a rope form. Super sour on the outside with a great and oozing sour middle.

Sure to obliterate any desire for that sour sting!

#1. Toxic Waste Candy

Toxic Waste Sour Candy

One of the most well-loved and popular sour candies in the world. Toxic Waste warns us of its hazardously sour taste, but we eat it anyways!

The original hard candies are individually wrapped in a Toxic Waste drum-like-looking container. These candies are coated in a powdered finish, and the sour sting will last about 30 seconds. Then you think you've got a sweet treat before it magically morphs into another layer of sour. A classic in the world of sour since 2007!

Adding to the list of these beloved candies are the ever-popular and viral sensation, the Slime Lickers! This action-packed Toxic Waste candy allows you to roll directly on your tongue. You get the background flavors of blue razz or strawberry along with that intense hit of sour.

Our other top picks are the Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls and the tiny but deceiving punch of the Toxic Waste Atomz.

Eat at your own risk! Toxic Waste is loaded with that dangerously addictive kick!

We love to add a little sourness to our day with these sour candies. Do you agree with our list? 

Have you ever had your taste buds ripped to shreds with sour candy? If you think that the tongue-tingling taste of sour is fantastic, then you're one of us! Let us know which sour candy you'll try next!

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