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Top 10 Canadian Chocolate Bars

We might be famous for saying "sorry", our hockey-playing skills, and our antler-touting Moose, but Canada is also home to some legendary chocolate bars!

We know you love your American Chocolate Bars but it's basically our civic duty to introduce you to the world of Canadian Chocolate Bars.

Here are our Top 10 Canadian Chocolate Bars...

#10. Aero Chocolate Bar

Aero Chocolate Bar

This Canadian gem is not only a bar of enticing milk chocolate, but is filled with an abundance of tiny little bubbles! The Aero Chocolate Bar has been delivering Canadians that bubbly goodness since 1935.

Some might think of the Aero Chocolate Bar as a boring, run-of-the-mill chocolate bar when in actuality, it's anything but! Imagine if you could come face to face with this decadent bar. The scent alone is intoxicatingly seductive and will have you eagerly open your hungry lips as you prepare to experience that velvety, rich milk chocolate with a myriad of carefree, airy bubbles. 

Each taste is beyond luscious and before you know it, you've taken the very last bite!

We always come around to this classic chocolate bar. It's reliable, delicious and the kind of bar you can really lean on. The Aero candy bar takes you on a journey to discover all those incredible bubbles you didn't know you needed! 

#9. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar

There is no other chocolate bar that makes us weak in the knees like the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar. A cure for what ails you, this famous Canadian Chocolate Bar will melt those troubles away with each and every delicious bite — a legend for good reason!

As your lips meet this rich milk chocolate, each bite is just as enticing as the first with its irresistible creamy velvety texture. You wish that it could last forever, but alas you've reached the end of the bar. (sad face)

For any Chocolate Connoisseur, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate is among some of the finest; made with fresh dairy milk that greatly enhances the taste and texture.

Introduced to Canadians in 1919, this Cadbury chocolate has been loved and devoured for generations. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar is made in Toronto, Ontario by Cadbury Canada.

The entire Cadbury Chocolate lineup is indulgence at its finest, with a variety of flavors and sizes, this is one Canadian Chocolate Bar that is truly remarkable!

#8. Big Turk

Big Turk Candy Bar

This Canadian Candy bar has its fair share of critics — perhaps just as polarizing 

as Candy Corn. Having said that, it also remains a staple candy bar that always makes its way into our candy stash rotation.

The Big Turk Candy Bar made its way to Canada in 1974. Made with a middle of deep magenta-coloured, rose water-infused Turkish Delight, and a generous milk chocolate coating.

It's firm yet chewy with a refreshing taste. If you're the type who enjoys any chocolate-covered gummy candy the Big Turk is most definitely made for you!

The rose water flavor could possibly throw a few off but in our books the Big Turk Candy Bar is more than brag-worthy and always hits that sweet spot!

#7.  Cadbury Crispy Crunch 

Cadbury Crispy Crunch Chocolate Bar

There's just no match for the famous crunch of the Crispy Crunch Chocolate Bar.

Made with an enticing coating of Cadbury milk chocolate and filled in the center with flaky, crunchy peanut butter. Every bite is deliciously overwhelming with its memorable crunch and rich flavors.

The Crispy Crunch candy bar is a balance of sweet and salty. It might seem odd but that crunchy middle has a slightly salty bite and perfectly compliments the sweet creamy layer of milk chocolate.

Making its very sweet debut in 1912, the Cadbury Crispy Crunch has such a stupendous crunch that no one can get tired of its remarkable textures and delectable taste!

#6. Mirage Chocolate Bar

Mirage Chocolate Bar

Made with the uncomplicated taste of chocolate, the Mirage Chocolate Bar is pure milk chocolate and contains countless little bubbles of deliciousness.

It's a hefty size chocolate bar and the name implies how the chocolate bar disappears faster than you could ever imagine — a pretty fitting name if you ask us! 

Introduced in 1983, the Mirage Bar is made by Nestle Canada and has been happily devoured for generations. Not only is this a bar of exquisite taste, but its texture is always a sure-fire winner.

Velvety smooth, creamy and rich in flavor, the Mirage Bar might be known for its simplicity, but we say it's simply astounding!

#5. Smarties Candy

Smarties Candy

Ok, we know it's technically not a chocolate bar but it certainly more than satisfies those chocolate cravings!

Now you might’ve seen the image and thought to yourself that we accidentally put the wrong picture up but our Canadian version of Smarties Candy is nothing close to what you’re used to with the American Smarties.

Our Smarties are bright, colorful little round gems filled with milk chocolate and sweetly coated with a crunchy candy shell. Smarties chocolate famously crunches in your mouth and bursts with that sweet chocolatey flavor.

Introduced to candy-craving Canadians in 1937, Nestle Canada made this chocolate candy that we all love to this day! Smarties have roots in the UK since 1882, and used to go by the name "chocolate beans". Smarties once came with letters of the alphabet printed on them to bribe children to learn their ABCs using chocolate — we’re sure it worked wonders!

There's something super exciting about the Smarties candy that never gets old. Maybe it's the yummy-looking bright colors or the reminder of being rewarded at the grocery store by Mom for being so well-behaved. 

Either way, we think every American needs to try our Smarties Candy!

#4. Cadbury Crunchie Bar

Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Bar

Be triumphant when it comes to those chocolate cravings, go for the gold with the Cadbury Crunchie Bar!

This wealth of pure deliciousness offers an incredible crunch. Meet an enticing middle filled with golden, light and airy sponge toffee that is encased in a generous coating of milk chocolate. 

Each bite of the Crunchie chocolate is unforgettably delicious and that famous crunch is truly exceptional! This is the type of candy bar you'll be thinking about all day and all night — one bite and, like us Canadians, you'll be hooked for life!

Dubbed the "golden child" of chocolate, this Cadbury chocolate bar was introduced to us in the 1960s and we've been indulging in its golden crunch ever since. Stop waiting and get crunching with the Crunchie Bar!

#3. Eatmore Chocolate Bar

Eatmore Chocolate Bar

We love the encouraging sentiment of this Canadian bar, I mean who wouldn't? We’d be happy to eat more candy!! 

Not your typical run-of-the-mill bar, The Eatmore Chocolate Bar is made with an incredible chewy texture. The tastes of the Eatmore Chocolate Bar melt together beautifully offering you a rich and deep flavor profile. With its bold taste of robust dark toffee, chocolate, and bits of roasted crunchy peanuts, it's hard to resist this chocolate and making it much easier to Eatmore. 

This old-fashioned chocolate bar made its way to our hungry taste buds in the early 1930s and was manufactured by Nabisco until it was acquired by Hershey's in 1987. The star feature of this bar is not only its remarkable flavors but its unique texture that can only be found in the Eatmore Bar!

#2. Neilson Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar

Neilson Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar

When you want to simplify your chocolate bar-eating experience, and get right to the heart of the matter, nothing quite does it like the Neilson Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar.

Jersey Milk is a simple bar of milk chocolate with the most velvety luscious creamy texture you could ever imagine. When you find yourself torn between all those bells and whistles in the vast world of chocolate bar choices, Jersey Milk satisfies effortlessly!

This Canadian Chocolate Bar was introduced to candy lovers in 1924, and was originally made by Neilson Dairy until it was acquired by Cadbury in 1987.

When you require that uncomplicated traditional taste of chocolate, nothing hits the spot quite like the Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar!

#1. Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar

Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar

Want to really perk up your taste buds? Take a crisp bite of the Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar. 

This Canadian Chocolate Bar has been held firmly in the satisfied grip of many — not just us Canucks either, Coffee Crisps have gained fans worldwide!

This bar is constructed around a center of crispy and "light as a feather" wafers, with foamed coffee creme filling tucked behind each wafer, and deliciously finished with a coating of milk chocolate. Providing a nice crispy texture in every coffee-flavored bite, The Coffee Crisp candy bar has been adored since 1939 thanks to Nestles Canada.

If you ever encounter a Canadian, ask them how they like their coffee, they just might respond "I like my Coffee Crisp".

Let us know if you intend on trying any of our Canadian Chocolate Bars. Have you ever heard of any of these bars? And what do you think about our version of chocolate-filled Smarties?

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