Legendary Candy Inspired by Willy Wonka - Wonka Candy

Legendary Candy Inspired by Willy Wonka

Here is the List of Top 1O Willy Wonka Candy we love!

Long, long ago, in the magical world of Candyland, there lived a man of great imagination. He was wildly eccentric, whimsical and had a penchant for all things sweet.

His fondness for candy led him to create some of the most legendary candies that we have ever tasted! In the 1971 film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka and his Wonka Bar are a confectionary marvel — a Golden Ticket so to speak.  

Over the last few decades, Willy Wonka has taken our taste buds on a whirlwind of flavor and fun through his timeless candy creations. We've eagerly consumed all of the "scrumdiddlyumptious" candies we could ever imagine!

Although he left the world of candy some time ago, he sweetly lives on in each and every morsel of candy created today and continues to live on in our candy-loving hearts.

Here's to you, Willy Wonka!

#10. Wacky Wafers

Wacky Wafers

Get ready for a wildly wacky Wonka Candy ride with the Wacky Wafers!

Be a wild child, and eagerly unleash this fun and flavorful candy on your tastebuds! Once a part of the Willy Wonka Candy Company, these round, coin-shaped candies are about the size of an American half-dollar.

Made with a pressed candy texture and pretty pastel colors, Wacky Wafers are filled with Banana, Green Apple, Watermelon, Orange and Strawberry fruit flavors. Each bite will have you reeling as these sensational candies crumble effortlessly in your mouth. 

Arriving on the sweet candy scene in the 1970s, then later disappearing around the 1980s, we could totally see the bell bottom wearing hippies indulging in these goodies!

As an often-overlooked Wonka Candy, the Wacky Wafers are simply phenomenal and we hope they're here to stay!

Go on, get wacky and feed your inner child with Wonka with the one-of-a-kind taste of Wacky Wafers Candy!

#9. Nerds Big Sour Chewy Candy

Nerds Big Sour Chewy Candy

Treat yourself to Nerds’ older brother, Nerds Big Sour Chewy Candy. 

These are pretty similar to the original Nerds Candy but have some serious weight on them!

They're bigger, thicker, and more sour than before! The bold new candy is just waiting to give you that sour candy rush you so desperately crave with its sweet-tasting crunchy candy shell and chewy middle. It really has everything you love in a sour candy! 

The Nerds Candy family includes some of our go-to Wonka candies, including The Nerds Ropes. This string candy has a natural talent for “roping” us in with its deliciously chewy gummy middle and colorful tangy coating! 

Another member of the Nerds Candy family is the vibrant-looking Nerds Gummy Clusters. Similar to the ropes, these circular candies have a gummy core, with a flavorful Nerds coating.   

We unanimously think that Nerds Candy is one of Wonka's finest creations!

#8. Runts

Runtz Candy

Willy Wonka knew exactly what he was doing when he blessed us with the fruity goodness of Runts candy!

These little fruit-shaped treats were a staple for any kid that grew up during the 80s. It could definitely be all those vibrant colors that continue to lure us into snacking on the spectacular candy. 

The taste is second to none, incorporating intense flavors of Orange, Banana, Strawberry, Grape and Green Apple. This hard candy has a glossy-looking shell that beautifully falls apart when you try to get to the crumbly center.

These were all the rage on the playground, you were really somebody if you had a box of Runts rattling around in your backpack! Trust us, if you bring a box of these to the office to share, you'll be all the talk around the water cooler!

Impress your friends with the incredibly satisfying taste of Runts!

#7. Tart N Tinys

Tart n Tinys

Once apart of the Willy Wonka Candy Company, Tart N Tinys Candy accumulated a huge fan base at the time of their release in the 1970s. It was a pretty disappointing time when the candy disappeared from the market… but guess who's back now?! 

These babies are back, better than ever, and ready to wreak havoc on your taste buds all over again!

The Tart N' Tiny Candy are amazingly small candies jam-packed with unbelievable flavor power! Perfectly structured with a crumbly texture, and fantastically filled with tangy flavors including Grape, Lemon, Orange, Cherry and Lime.

We couldn't be happier about the re-emergence of this delicious Wonka Candy!!! 

#6. Sweetarts

Sweetarts Candy

The way to any candy lover's heart is simple, give them some Sweetarts.

The Sweetarts candy is both tangy and sweet and comes in a multitude of flavors. Some original flavors you may recognize include: Cherry, Apple, Lemon, Orange and Blue Punch.

Sweetarts are a pressed tablet candy that are remarkably crunchy and release a wave of fruity flavors with every crunchy bite. 

The best thing about this candy is that the flavor never stops with Sweetarts!

Once upon a time Sweetarts only had a selection of hard candies, but has since expanded their delicious candy selection to a variety of textures and consistencies. For example, the Sweetarts Giant Chewy candy is a large Sweetart candy that has a hard outer layer, but a satisfyingly chewy candy core! 

If you’re looking for a chewy Sweetart candy, our top pick would be the Sweetart Ropes Bites. These little gems come with a sour sugar coating, and are blissfully delicious with their chewy centers.

This retro candy made its sweet debut in 1962, and quickly became the "sweetheart" candy among Wonka lovers!

#5. Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps Candy

Let the good times roll, with a roll of this famous candy! Bottle Caps are among one of the best candies inspired by the legend himself, Wonka.

Made to resemble soda flavors, this fizzy drink-inspired candy is loaded with fantastic tang with flavors such as Rootbeer, Cherry, Cola, Grape & Orange. Imagine all those sensational flavors packed in one little candy. Bottle Caps really are incredible!

This retro candy exploded onto the Candysphere in 1972, and let's face it, they probably got people fueled up and ready to take on the Candyverse back then!

We say "bottoms up" to the iconic Bottle Caps Candy!

#4. Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy Candy

Being fruity is never a bad thing. Especially when you've got Willy Wonka on your side! 

Laffy Taffy candy is a luscious-tasting bar of taffy candy that comes in a multitude of exciting fruit-filled flavors. The icing on the cake of this already fun Wonka Candy, are the jokes that are printed on every wrapper. 

Entertain your friends with these jokes, all while feeding their taste buds with the intense fruity explosion. This Wonka-esqe Candy has been tickling our funny bones since the 1970s, and has been perfectly producing chewy taffy all the while — giving us the long taffy pull that everyone loves! 

Our all-time favorite flavor has to be the Laffy Taffy Banana. The taste of banana is deeply recognizable, and not to mention the jokes adding to the overall fun.

Over the years, Laffy Taffy has expanded their products, and now offer Laffy Taffy Ropes, which are awesome if you want something thin to chew on. They also have the Laffy Taffy Bites that are cute bite-size Laffy Taffy that come with a hard outer shell and a chewy taffy filled center. 

Candy Boss

"He who eats Laffy Taffy, Always gets the last Laff" Candy Boss, circa 2013

#3. Gobstopper

Gobstoppers Candy

An everlasting jawbreaker? You can tell Wonka Candy to count us in!

The Everlasting Gobstopper is a marble-sized jawbreaker that is made with layer upon layer of different flavors and colors. Filled with intrigue and excitement. I think our pal Willy Wonka was really flexing with this candy!

Introduced to the public in 1976, the Gobstopper is a truly innovative candy filled with intense flavors and is famous for its compelling morphing abilities and long-lasting flavors. 

Alongside the original Everlasting Gobstopper, there is the Chewy Gobstopper Candy that transforms itself into those miraculous colors. However, there is no need to worry because the chewy Gobstoppers still offer a harder exterior to work through to get to the chewy center. 

We think this jawbreaker candy had to be in Wonka’s top 5 all-time fav candies. With its longevity in popularity and of course flavor, this candy is definitely a fan fav as well.

#2. Fun Dip

Fun Dip Candy

Who doesn't want to feel like a kid again? We know we do! 

That's why we continuously include Fun Dip Candy in our candy stash rotation. This sweet scrumptious candy comes in a powdered candy, with a hard candy stick that's meant for dipping. Fun Dips gives you two treats in one. 

Okay, we’ll come clean and admit that sometimes we get too excited and eat the Lik-A-Stix part first. Then we're happily left with colorful stained fingers and a very satisfied sweet tooth!

Since the 1950s, we've been dipping & licking these powdery treats and we can't seem to get enough of those sweet sticks either. For those of us that love to keep a yummy treat all to ourselves, the Fun Dip Candy is perfect for one person to eat, which can be an even greater bonus!

Get a greater dip with three fruity flavors of the Fun Dip. Recently we've been stuck on the Orange Cherry Grape flavored Fun Dip. Not only do you get to taste the three fantastically fruity flavors, but you get an additional TWO sticks in the pack. 

You never really have to grow up as long as there's Fun Dip!

#1. Nerds Candy

Nerds Watermelon and Cherry Candy

This retro candy has had us eagerly crunching on its deliciousness since 1983. Nerds Candy is always an obvious choice for every candy lover. They've never gone out of style, and remain a highly desired candy to this very day!

With its colorful and sweet bites, they not only offer incredible taste, but also a distinctly crunchy texture. Every taste of Nerds Candy is tangy tasting, unbelievably crunchy and magical! How can such a tiny morsel hold so much intense flavor?

Although we have absolutely no idea how they manage to do this, we still continue to blissfully dump copious amounts of Nerds into our mouths!

The sweet little rocks come in two-chambered boxes that separate the two different flavors. Enjoy one flavor at a time, or combine the two for an interesting mix.

As for our latest Nerds Candy obsession, the Watermelon & Cherry flavor is top tier. The fruity flavors contain a fresh and tangy taste, with the perfect amount of sweetness that produces a satisfying crunch with every bite! It never gets old!

What is your favorite Wonka Candy?

As always, a big thank you to our beloved pal, Willy Wonka! You've created some of the most unbelievably delicious candies we have ever tried! It's always "a world of pure imagination" with Wonka!

Remember, growing up is optional, but candy is forever! 

What's your favorite Wonka Candy of all time? Tell us which candy you're excited to try next!

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