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Holiday Gifts For Mom

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for your mom? 

This Christmas, treat your mom to a symphony of sweetness and treats that are sure to make her holiday season merry and bright.

Mom's can be hard to buy for. So this holiday season, forget the traditional gifts and surprise her with a collection of delectable candies that are as unique and delightful as she is. 

From nostalgic candy to modern twists on classic treats, these gift options are guaranteed to be a major hit. Explore our curated list of Christmas candy gifts and stocking stuffer ideas that will surely sweeten her festive season!

ribbon candy - christmas candy - old fashioned candy

Sevigny's Premium Holiday Ribbon Candy - 14oz

Deck the halls with Sevigny's Premium Holiday Ribbon Candy! This timeless classic is more than just a delicious candy.  It is beautifully crafted and doubles as a festive decoration that captures the spirit of the season. 

Gift your mom this pack of Ribbon Candy. It is the perfect way to add a little bit of luxury to her stocking. She’ll love adding it to her festive spreads, it brings a sweet touch of elegance to any party. 

gift boxes - old fashioned candy

Retro Candy Fun Box

Looking for gift boxes? Take your mom on a trip down memory lane with the Retro Candy Fun Box. Your mom is sure to feel like she's having a blast from the past!

Packed with old fashioned candy, this fun box is sure to evoke sweet memories. It is a nostalgic delight that makes for the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Share the joy of the past with this delightful collection of vintage sweets. 

skittles - blue raspberry - Christmas candle

Skittles Scented Candle Raspberry

Candy or candle? Why not both?! Bring the vibrant and fruity aroma of Skittles to her home with the Skittles Scented Candle Raspberry. 

This unique candle not only fills the air with the scent of everyone's favorite rainbow candy but also adds a touch of color and warmth to her holiday celebrations.

Forget average Christmas candles, try the new and exciting Skittles version! You can even pair it with other fun Skittles-themed treats for the Mom who is a serious fan of this classic fruity candy.

kit kat - slated caramel - christmas chocolate

Kit Kat Salted Caramel Cookies

Indulge your mom's sweet tooth with the Kit Kat Salted Caramel Cookies. These delectable treats combine the iconic crunch of Kit Kat with the irresistible flavor of salted caramel. 

This fun chocolate bar creates a mouthwatering experience that's perfect for satisfying her holiday cravings. Kit Kat is always a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this fun twist on a classic is sure to delight when found in the bottom of a stocking. 

gift boxes - christmas candy - gummies

Candy Lover Candy Fun Box

For the mom who loves various sweets, the Candy Lover Candy Fun Box is a delightful gift. It comes with a wide selection of favorites, your mom will love sampling all the different candy. 

These gift boxes are packed with an assortment of candies that are beautifully presented. This collection is a sweet way to show your appreciation and add a dash of joy to your mom's festivities.

Highly curated and meticulously paired, this specialty box is sure to have old favorites and new candy finds for her! 

chocolate orange - christmas chocolate - dark chocolate

Terry’s Segsations Sharing Bag 

Shake up your mother's classic Christmas chocolate orange with the Terry’s Segsations Sharing Bag. 

Filled with the divine combination of orange and chocolate, these bite-sized treats are perfect for sharing precious moments with your mom. 

It comes with milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, toffee crunch, and exploding candy! All are infused with the signature orange flavor Terry’s is known for. 

Elevate her Christmas chocolate experience with this luxurious and flavorful sharing bag.

gluten free candy-gift boxes-peanut free candy

Glute Free\ Peanut Free Candy Fun Box

Need help with stocking stuffer ideas or gifts for your mom who has dietary limitations? Try our gluten-free candy and peanut-free candy Fun Box! All of these treats are safe to eat for those with allergies. 

This thoughtfully curated box is filled with delicious candies that are gluten-free and peanut-free, making it a perfect gift for moms with dietary restrictions. 

Show her that you care with a box of worry-free sweetness. It's the perfect way to keep your mom looped in on the sweet Christmas candy snacking. 

maynards-gummies-christmas candy

Maynard Bassetts Jelly Snowmen

Add a touch of whimsy to her Christmas with Maynard Bassetts Jelly Snowmen. 

These gummy candy delights bring a playful element to the holiday season, making them a delightful stocking stuffer for your mom with a sweet tooth and a love for festive treats.

These Maynard jellies are like elevated gummy bears made perfect for the holiday season in green and red colors. Yummy gummies are always a fail-proof Christmas gift! 

gift boxes - pink candy - christmas candy

Tickled Pink Candy Fun Box

Bring a pop of color to your mom’s Christmas with the Tickled Pink Candy Fun Box. 

Packed with an array of pink candy, this box is a vibrant and joyous gift that adds a playful touch to her holiday celebrations. These gift boxes are perfect for the mom who appreciates the fun and sweet side of life. 

She is sure to be tickled pink by this delicious box, the vibrant hues will warm up even the chilliest of winter days. 

candy canes - cold stone - cold stone candy canes

Cold Stone Candy Canes

End her Christmas on a sweet note with Cold Stone Candy Canes. These uniquely flavored candy canes capture the essence of the beloved Cold Stone Creamery treats. 

Gift her a pack of these candy canes and let her enjoy the magic of the season with every delicious lick.

The classic Christmas candy is elevated with the sweet candy cane flavors of mint chocolate chip, strawberry blonde, and birthday cake! She'll love this sweet twist on candy canes. The fun colors also make them perfect for hanging on the tree. 


Did you find a Christmas gift idea for mom?

This Christmas, make your mom's holiday extra special with a thoughtful selection of candies that cater to her unique tastes. 

From classic favorites to modern twists, these Christmas candy gifts are sure to sweeten her festive season and warm her heart with the joy of indulgence.

Need more inspiration? Browse our full collection of Christmas candy.

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