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Top 5 Allergy-Safe Halloween Candies

Top 5 allergy safe Halloween candy!

Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween, where costumes and candies take center stage! But don't worry, Candy Funhouse has got your back with a guide to the most bewitching allergy-safe treats that'll make every trick-or-treater smile from ear to ear.

1. Mars Bar: Free from Peanuts!

Mars Chocolate Bar - Mars - Mars Chocolate North America - Peanut Free - Peanut Free Chocolate - Peanut Free Candy

The Mars Bar is an ageless favorite, and guess what? It's a peanut-free marvel! Delve into layers of nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate without any peanut concerns. Mars Bars are ready to satisfy your sweet cravings without triggering any allergies. 

2. Butterfinger's Gluten-Free Charm!

Allergy Safe Candy - Gluten Free Chocolate - Gluten Free Candy - Butter Fingers - Butterfingers Chocolate

Calling all Butterfinger enthusiasts – rejoice! Immerse yourself in the delectable combination of crispy, crunchy, peanut-buttery delight, now in a gluten-free form. Let these bars enchant your taste buds without any gluten-related worries.

3. Haribo Goldbears' Halal Enchantment!

Haribo - Haribo Gummies - Allergy Safe Candy - Allergy Safe Halloween Candy - Halal Candy

Haribo Goldbears are a cherished gummy treat that's not only scrumptious but also Halal certified. Enjoy the chewy goodness knowing that these golden bears are a magical option for everyone to relish.

4. Peeps: Gluten-Free Whimsy!

Allergy Safe Candy - Allergy Safe Halloween Candy - Gluten Free Candy - Peanut Free Candy - Peeps

Peeps are here to sprinkle some whimsy onto your Halloween. These charming Ghosts, Pumpkins, and Monsters are not just adorable, they're gluten-free too. Immerse yourself in the marshmallowy delight without any gluten worries.

5. PEZ Incredibles: Peanut-Free Superheroes!

Pez Candy - Peanut Free Candy - Allergy Safe Candy - Allergy Safe Halloween Candy

Attention all fans of The Incredibles! Experience the daring adventures of Dash and Violet in PEZ form – and guess what? They're free from peanuts! These dispenser candies are here to infuse your Halloween night with heroic fun.

This Halloween, let's ensure that every treat brings a magical surprise, with no allergy-induced tricks. Share these allergy-safe candies, including peanut-free options and gluten-free chocolate, and watch those smiles light up the night.

With costumes, pumpkins, and treats that cater to various needs, you're all set for a Halloween that's enchantingly inclusive.

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