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Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Searching for exciting Valentine’s Day gifts?

No matter who you are buying Valentine’s gifts for, they always have to be cute and sweet…The gifts, that is! 

Why not treat your favorite people to a delicious selection of Valentine’s Day candy that is guaranteed to lift their spirits? Our wide selection of candy, ranging from conversation hearts to chocolate hearts, will satisfy sweet tooths and put a smile on every face.

junior mints-valentine's chocolate-chocolate heart

Junior Mints Theatre Pack Valentine's Pack

Why not try a romantic spin on a classic? Junior Mints Theatre Pack Valentine's Pack is the classic candy you know and love reimagined for Valentine’s Day! 

The iconic combination of smooth mint and rich chocolate becomes even more enchanting when presented in this specially designed pack. The heart shaped chocolate and red and white insights are perfect for the season. 

Its festive appearance makes it an ideal addition to your Valentine's Day celebrations.

conversation hearts-friends conversation hearts-candy hearts

Friends Conversation Hearts

Who doesn’t love Friends? These conversation hearts are sure to make anyone smile this Valentine’s.

These sweet hearts adorned with iconic phrases from the beloved TV show add a touch of nostalgia and friendship to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Candy hearts are a classic on this special lovey day. You’ll have a blast reading iconic phrases “On a break” or “Pivot.” Just try not to be too much of a Ross on your date! 

chocolate hearts-box of chocolates-valentine's chocolate

Super Mario Heart Tin with Milk Chocolate

It’s not your ordinary chocolate heart box! 

Level up your Valentine’s Day with the Super Mario Heart Tin filled with delectable milk chocolates. It's a perfect blend of gaming nostalgia and sweet indulgence, making it an ideal gift for gamers and chocolate lovers alike.

This Valentine’s Day chocolate is sure to make anyone feel like one of their most beloved Super Mario characters. You can even keep the fun tin after you are finished indulging in the chocolate. 

valentine's gift ideas-valentine's candy-red candy

Dots Cherry Lover's Valentine Theatre Pack

Indulge in Dots with a special twist for Valentine's Day – introducing the Dots Cherry Lover's Valentine Theatre Pack. This candy sensation takes the classic Dots you adore and infuses them with the luscious taste of cherry, creating a symphony of sweetness that's perfect for celebrating love.

In this specially curated Valentine's Day edition, each chewy, gummy dot bursts with the intense and fruity flavor of cherry. The vibrant red hues of the candies add a touch of romance to every bite.


kit kat-kit kat flavors-valentine's chocolate

Kit Kat Raspberry and Cream Miniatures

Gift your loved one the taste of exotic Kit Kat flavors this Valentine’s Day! 

Elevate the classic Kit Kat experience with Raspberry and Cream Miniatures. The fusion of Kit Kat’s iconic crunch with the luscious flavors of raspberry and cream creates a memorable and indulgent Valentine’s Day chocolate treat. 

chocolate hearts-box of chocolates-milk chocolate

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Milk Chocolate Hearts

Capture the magic of Disney with Mickey & Minnie Mouse Milk Chocolate Hearts. Encased in a charming heart-shaped box, these chocolates bring a touch of enchantment to your Valentine’s Day celebrations

This Valentine’s Day, chocolate is the gift that keeps on giving! You can reuse the fun tin after you’ve eaten all the creamy treats. 

conversation hearts-candy hearts-starburst

Starburst Conversation Hearts

These sweet hearts have a fun and fruity sour candy twist that will light up the spark on Valentine’s!

Bursting with flavor, Starburst Conversation Hearts offers a vibrant and chewy twist to traditional conversation hearts. Express your sentiments with the bold and tangy taste of Starburst.

Forget the basic candy hearts and treat the Starburst lover in your life to a treat that they will truly savor. 

hershey's kisses-milk chocolate-valentine's chocolate

Hershey's Kisses Giant Pink Solid Milk Chocolate

Go big with love using Valentine’s Day chocolate! 

The Hershey's Kisses Giant Pink Solid Milk Chocolate is perfect for a day of love. The iconic Kisses in a larger-than-life form make for a sweet and impressive Valentine’s Day chocolate gift.

You can’t go wrong spreading sweet sentiments with giant Hershey’s Kiss.

red velvet cookie-valentine's dessert

Red Velvet Cupid Cookie Kit

Looking for Valentine’s Day ideas to create the perfect date? Try baking up some 

Red velvet cookies! 

Create sweet memories together with a Red Velvet Cupid Cookie Kit. This delightful and interactive gift idea allows you to bake and decorate delicious red velvet cookies, adding a personal touch to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

hershey's kisses-milk chocolate-valentine's

Hershey's Extra Creamy Hearts

Make your Hershey’s Kisses extra special on Valentine’s Day! 

Indulge in the velvety goodness of Hershey's Extra Creamy Hearts. These smooth and creamy chocolate hearts offer a luxurious treat for your loved one, ensuring a truly decadent Valentine’s Day chocolate experience.

This Valentine’s Day, let these sweet delights convey your love and affection in the most delicious way possible. Whether it's a playful nod to friendship or an indulgent box of chocolates, these gifts are sure to make your celebration extra special.

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