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All About Conversation Hearts!

When you think of Valentine's Day candy, what comes to mind? 

Heart-shaped boxes? Succulent chocolates? 

While all of these are staples of the season, one candy has endured for over one hundred years and remains a favorite. Candy hearts, otherwise known as conversation hearts! 

As Valentine's Day approaches, the classic tradition of sharing conversation hearts takes center stage. These sweet, colorful candies symbolize affection and have provided us with playful messages for decades.

If you are curious about the origin of this Valentine's Day candy and wondering which option is right for you, we've got you covered. 

From beloved classics like Brach's to innovative sour candy options, discover which conversation heart brand suits your Valentine's sentiments best.

Where did conversation hearts come from? 

The origin of conversation hearts can be traced back to 1840 when a pharmacist found an easier way to craft medicinal lozenges. Over time, these lozenges transformed into candies. They were popular because they didn't melt and were easy to transport at great distances before modern packaging was available. 

In the early 20th century, companies like NECCO began producing these candies in all sorts of fun shapes. But as time went on, the heart-shaped candies we know and love endured. These candies became affectionately known as sweethearts. 

Stamping fun sayings on them was an idea taken from candies and cookies of the past. They often had long love notes and sayings on them. But as Valentine's candy became smaller, so did the flirty quotes. 

While era-appropriate quotes like "page me" and "text me" have filtered out through the years, many of the original candy heart sayings remain. You can still get conversation hearts with original sweetheart quotes like "Be mine" and "Kiss me" which have been popular since their conception.

The original manufacturer, NECCO, no longer makes conversation hearts, but other candy companies have taken the torch. As they did, heart-shaped Valentine's candy has become more varied, with different brands putting their own twist on the old favorites. 

Let’s explore which conversation hearts are right for you!

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Brach’s Conversation Hearts

If you are looking for the most authentic and original candy hearts, these are the right choices for you. 

A classic choice that has stood the test of time, Brach's Conversation Hearts offers a delightful array of colors and messages. 

From timeless expressions of love to contemporary phrases, Brach's is a go-to for those seeking the traditional conversation heart experience.

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Swizzles Love Hearts

Why not try conversation hearts from across the pond? This old-fashioned candy is the British version of the sweethearts we know and love. They were first released in 1954 and have been delivering cute messages like “Be Mine”, “True Love”, and “Kiss Me” ever since! 

The pastel tablets are super flavorful, you’ll love the cute vintage look of this iconic candy. Since they come in their own rolled packages, they make the ideal addition to Valentine’s gifts. 

sweetarts-conversation hearts-candy hearts-sweet hearts

Sweetarts Conversation Hearts

With a name so similar to that of the original "sweethearts" it's no wonder Sweetarts decided to try their hand at the beloved heart-shaped candy. 

Sweetarts puts a tangy twist on the classic conversation hearts. With their signature sweet and tart flavor, Sweetarts Conversation Hearts bring a burst of fruity delight to your Valentine's Day celebrations. 

If you are looking for bold, juicy candy flavors, these are your choice. Sweetarts fans will love this flirty twist on their favorite candy. 

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Rockets Love Hearts Candy Rolls

As small pressed, hard candy themselves, it's no wonder Rockets have made their own version of sweethearts candy. 

Rockets Love Hearts Candy Rolls add a convenient touch to the mix. These colorful rolls feature sweet and tangy candies adorned with charming messages, making them a fun and nostalgic choice for Valentine's Day.

The rolled package makes Rockets one of the great Valentine's Day ideas for school or the office! 

starburst-pink candy-conversation hearts-sour candy

Sour Conversation Hearts

Sour candy fanatics won't be left out on this sweet and loving holiday. Many iconic sour brands have decided to try their hand at Valentine's conversation hearts. 

For those who enjoy a puckering sensation, Sour Conversation Hearts are the perfect pick. Brands like Starburst and Sour Patch Kids offer a tangy twist to the traditional sweetness, adding a bit of excitement to your candy-sharing experience.

They come in classic sour flavors like blue raspberry, but you'll also find red candy and pink candy sprinkled in just for Valentine's! 

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Novelty Conversation Hearts

Even the classics need a fun twist at times! Brach's often collaborates with beloved pop culture icons to create exciting conversation hearts with a fun twist. Brach's has teamed up this year with the beloved television show Friends! 

The Brach's limited edition Friends candy hearts will be a hit at Valentine's Day gatherings or make a great gift for Friends fans. Featuring iconic phrases inspired by the beloved TV show, these hearts add a touch of pop culture to your Valentine's Day festivities.

It’s officially conversation heart season! 

The beloved Valentine's Day candy and conversation hearts have quite an exciting story! They've been around for over one hundred years and continue to endure. 

In modern times, they have gotten quite a few twists. Whether you prefer the old-fashioned candy sweetness of Brach's, the tangy kick of Sour Patch Kids, or the playful novelty of TV show-inspired hearts, the world of Valentine's conversation hearts offers something for everyone. 

Choose the candy and style that resonates with you, and let these colorful candies convey your heartfelt messages this Valentine's Day.

Need more? We have all the Valentine’s Day candy you need right here!

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