Thrills Gum - 10 Pieces

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Thrills Gum is a Canadian Classic.

Get your 'thrills" cheap with the famous taste of Thrills Gum!

This iconic Canadian Gum is a retro favorite among many seeking a distinctive taste.
Loved and enjoyed since the 1940s, this classic gum will most definitely give you a thrilling taste!
Thrills are purple gum and are famous for tasting like soap gum. In reality, they're not made with any soap whatsoever. It's the addition of rosewater that's added to the gum creating such a polarizing but popular taste.
Love it or hate it, Thrills Gum remains a highly sought-after gum. Be it weird and wonderful or an acquired taste. That's what makes Thrills Gum so very unforgettable!
Get a delicious-tasting thrill with the one and only Thrills Gum!
10 Piece Pack