Sweetarts Candy Theatre Pack - 5oz

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A Trusted Classic Candy

Stock up on your classic candy! The Sweetarts candy has become a classic for a reason! The sweet and tart candy gives every candy connoisseur the perfect balance between the two flavors. Sweetarts come in little tablets that are meant to be enjoyed for a longer period of time for your taste buds to really absorb the fruity flavors. Sweetarts flavors include cherry, apple, lemon, orange and blue punch. 

It's no surprise that this Willy Wonka candy has stood the test of time and has become a fan favorite over the years. Enjoy the crunchy candy and reminisce about all the great moments you’ve shared while snacking on this candy. There really is nothing more appealing than a candy that gives you a tasty flavor combo like sweet & tart. 

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5oz (142g) 

Made in the USA