Starburst Minis Original Candy - 1.85oz

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These mini Starburst are big on flavor!

Sometimes, good things do come in small packages! Like the Starburst Minis Original Candy.

Mini but oh so mighty revealing that unexplainable juicy flavor that only Starburst can deliver!
As you open up this resealable bag, you'll be delighted to discover that each chewy candy comes unwrapped. That means you can just get straight to eating them!
That familiar fruity Starburst scent will deliciously whirl through the air. As you taste the fruity flavors of Orange, Strawberry, Lemon and Cherry. It's as if the candy gods have handpicked these gleaming stars just for you! Plucking them out of the sky one by one, featuring that one-of-a-kind Starburst vibrance!
The history of Starburst Candy dates back to 1960. Exploding with that sweet and starry goodness in the mouths of candy-loving generations. The famously fruity taste just never gets old!
Discover the sensational "star" of candy with the Starburst Minis Original Candy!