Reese's Peanut Butter Giant Bar - 7.37

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A Classically Giant Twist! 

If you didn’t know that Reese’s came in a chocolate bar, well be prepared to have your socks knocked off! Reese’s chocolate bar is a giant bar that will make your mouth water the minute you unwrap the packaging. The giant chocolate bar is made with the iconic peanut butter filling and covered in the irresistible Hershey’s milk chocolate. It may be packaged in a new format, but the classic Reese’s taste still remains! 

The giant bar is the perfect treat to share with friends and family! With its sweet and savory flavor mix, it’s the best addition to any picnic, movie night or hang session. Try this creamy treat out and let us know your thoughts!  

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7.37 oz (208g)

Made in the USA